Saturday, December 18, 2010


It may be a little early, but tonight we are at our daughter
Vickie's and Sandy(our other daughter) and her husband are coming over to celebrate Christmas with us before we return to Haiti on December 23. (The Lord Willing!!!!) Things don't look too good over there right now. As of right now Haiti doesn't have any gas.... But we'll see what God has for us. Everything has been fine at EGO, however. Thank you Jesus!
Thank you all for your prayers!
Don and Doris

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The following is an article on a young man named Thad McKee. He was adopted from EGO 22 years ago and is now preaching in Haiti. Thad arrived in Haiti Nov. 10th. Two weeks ago he went into the mountains to help provide medical aid and was asked to preach, and 30 people received Christ into their lives! PRAISE THE LORD!

Doris states, "What a story! We cried when we read it. Don & I were reminiscing, remembering what a miracle it was. We had just finished his paper work - God's's always perfect."


Thad McKee, age 22, grew up like any other American boy! He attended Bear Lake Camp, played baseball, and enjoyed life! When in high school he was involved in music and show choir with some drama and video participation mixed in! You wouldn't know by looking at this fine strapping young man that his life began in a turbulent world.

In 1988 a Haitian child was born in the midst of a country under siege. In three months his mother died leaving him to an orphanage and bleak prospects for his future. When he was born she named her little son Emmanuel Israel, which means "God is with us" and "God perseveres." It is clear now that God had a special plan for little Emmanuel!

Dennis McKee and Linda McKee were in the process of adopting a Haitian boy named Daniel, but Daniel died before they could bring him home. Emmanuel Israel was the next baby on the list. "But with the unrest in the government it was going to be very difficult to get him out of Haiti. The Haitian government went through 4 coups while they were trying to get their son out of the country. The paperwork was completed, but the transport nearly impossible to arrange, and requirements changed with every change of the government."

Through God's providence, the orphanage workers were in a nearby shop and they heard the English language being spoken. When approaching the men, the workers were amazed to find they were missionaries from Indiana where the baby needed to go. The baby was given to the men who were flying to the United States the next day.

With 107 degrees in Haiti, February 1989, the baby was dressed in a cloth diaper and a cotton shirt. When they arrived in Indianapolis the temperature was a chilling -15 degrees. But he received a warm welcome by his father and grandfather. His mother was out of state as they were not expecting this special surprise at that time. Their adoption was complete, they named their son Thaddaeus and brought him to his new home!

Upon graduation from Columbia City High School his father took him on a trip back to the country of his birth. A graduation gift to Haiti that touched his heart as Thad shared, "It was surreal and all I could think was this could have been my life."

Thad attended Huntington University and then graduated from Rockford Masters Commission in Rockford, Illinois. His post secondary education gave him valuable hands-on training in ministry and discipleship, preparing for a pastorate.

In a classroom experience the students were praying for different nations. Thad asked someone to pray for him that he would have a heart for Haiti. The prayer was answered!

Thad is going on a six-month trip back to Haiti with Steve Mossburg of Columbia City and G.A.P. Ministries. He will leave for Chicago on Wednesday, November 10th and fly to Haiti on Thursday, November 11th!

"Emmanuel Israel was taken out of Haiti, like Joseph was taken out of Canaan and Moses taken out of Egypt -- to return years later to help his people through difficult times. His names tell the story. Emmanuel Israel - God was with him and persevered for him. And Thaddaeus means "heart," and Thad McKee was given a heart for the people of Haiti"

Remember Thad in prayer as he spends six months on God's mission field in his birth country. May he see through the eyes of God what he can do as a man for his sisters and brothers of Haiti. We pray that this experience will be rewarding for him and for those whom he will share his heart.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

an update and a thank you...

Good Morning! I just spoke with Ruben and things have been really bad in Dessalines. People have been burning tires and shooting so no one can leave the orphanage. (Today is also Big Market Day and people count on this day to buy food, etc. until next Wednesday) I asked him how Talante (E.G.O.'s nurse) was as I haven't been able to contact her or her husband. He wasn't able to get out yesterday but would try and go today!!!! Praying for their protection and for Talante to have a safe delivery of a healthy baby.

We also want to thank Russ and Sherrie Cole for helping out at EGO. Sherrie has been
helping Rachelle on the books as well as inquiring about the dresses that had been
found at another mission. Everyone is happy! (will try to post a picture of the little girls in their new dresses soon). Also, thank you Russ for working on our poor old generator. It's up and running again, along with the tractor. That will be very useful in the garden. May God Bless you and protect you both with everything going on in Haiti.

The Peavey's

Monday, November 29, 2010

Please pray

A request for prayer from Doris:

"When talking with Rachelle the administrater to our Jonathan School she said, Mom, "We are not going to be able to pay the Teachers this month". I told her we just need to pray. Work is hard to find, Cholera on the rise, gardens flooded from Hurricane Tomas, their parents just haven't been able to find the money to pay their children's tuition. We are in a very difficult situation.
Please, Please pray. Thanks."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

an opportunity to serve...

Here is a letter written by Christine Thompson, the medical outreach director of Hope Force International, inviting anyone wishing to volunteer in response to the cholera epidemic. If interested, there is contact information at the end of the letter.

Hello HFI Reservists,

We are currently deploying medical teams to Haiti for the cholera response. Things have gotten worse with the disease spreading through 6 out of 10 of the Haitian providences. It is not expected to be under control until mid-December so please join us in praying for God's mercy over Haiti.

HFI just received an urgent requests from our in-country partners for additional medical volunteers. I specifically need RNs (who have proficiency with IVs), and MDs (specialty: family practice, internal med, or ER). Deployments are a week in length & volunteers need to pay their own way (approx $1400). Dates are any time between THIS Saturday & mid-December.

Would appreciate it if you could get the word out for us, & please have anyone who is interested contact me direct. Many thanks & blessing to all of you.

In service to the King,


Christine Thompson
Director of Medical Outreach
Hope Force International

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a note from Ruben...

The following is a hurricane update that EGO's director, Ruben Alphonse, sent to Don & Doris:

Hi mom and dad,
I am very happy to inform you that thanks to Almighty God, Hurricane Thomas did not cause much damage our region (especially in the Artibonite deppartemant in Dessalines, Gonaives and other areas). Please do not worry there's no bad news thanks to GOD.

God Bless you Mom and Dad.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

newest update from Dr. Jerry...

Dear friends and family,
It's about time for this trip to end. There have been too many things happening to be able to share more than a small part. It is going to be rather humdrum back home after being here. One thing that has stood out to me on this trip is how blessed it has been for us to be in the right place at the right time. The cholera epidemic has been a challenge but also very rewarding seeing the many very sick people helped. This week we have moved back to caring for regular patients and turned the cholera patients over to Doctors Without Borders who are going to be running our cholera treatment center for the next month or so. Currently there are about 40 patients admitted there and hundreds more treated at home.
Gary did a foot operation on a young girl yesterday with a badly infected foot and everything went okay. She will be discharged tomorrow to outpatient treatment. Tuesday the pipe broke to the hospital as someone digging a ditch hit it with a pick. We were without water about 24 hours which wasn't bad for us but was tough for the cholera treatment center. I have been on call with Gary all this week but it hasn't been too bad as the patients are still being a little afraid of the cholera and are staying away. The motorcycle accidents never seem to quit and injuries can be rather severe especially because hardly anyone wears a helment.
This week everyone has been anticipating an approaching hurricane which has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Initial predictions were that it would pass right over Gonnaives where terrible flooding occurs with hurricanes. Today in prayers our chaplain talked about trusting God in the storms of life as he shared the story about Jesus calming the storm when the disciples thought their boat was going to sink. I was inspired by the way he with great confidence said he wasn't afraid because God would be with us. Then we prayed for God to have mercy and send the storm away. Later today we hear the storm now is expected to be headed quite a ways to the west of Gonnaives and probably only the edge will touch us. Later today I put on a tape I brought with me which goes, "So let the storms rage high, the dark clouds rise. They don't worry me. For I'm sheltered safe within the arms of God." It's great to know that when the storms of life approach we don't have to worry because we are safe within the arms of God.
I was all ready to send this off and got called for an emergency which turned out to be a gunshot wound to the chest with a collapsed lung and Gary and I had to put in a chest tube. It looks like he should do okay. Everyone in the neighbor hood was crowding around to find out what had happened. Such is life in Dessalines.
In Him,
Jerry and Gary

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A letter from Dr. Jerry...

Dr. Jerry is an American doctor who has spent many months in Haiti down through the years. He is currently serving the hospital in Dessalines and sent this letter regarding the cholera epidemic sweeping through Haiti.

Dear friends and family,
Sometimes you learn the most when you go through the most difficult times. That is the way it has been this week. Wednesday started like any ordinary day here. Little did I know how drastically things were soon to change. Crowds of people descended on the hospital carrying their family members who were terribly sick with severe and I mean severe diarrhea and vomiting. Some were in shock and unresponsive. Many had already died in the area where this epidemic started. Soon IV's were going everywhere ,all beds were filled, and we were running out of floor space. The people were terrified because this disease struck so quickly and severely and everyone was soon wearing masks even though that is not how the disease spreads. Several Haitian doctors thought it was cholera but Dan Snyder and I were doubters because cholera had never been found in Haiti. After a little exposure to this epidemic I quickly became a believer, and yesterday the government had completed tests confirming that it truly was cholera. I am sure reports are going out now to the states and you are hearing how many have died etc. The last three days has been a nightmare with everyone being exhausted. Care for the other patients without cholera has been limited and we sent many home because the nursing staff was unable to keep up with the demands. So far only one cholera patient that made it to us alive has died,but many were very close. The government is trying to get on top of this problem and delivered us a truckload of IV solutions. Seeing the terrific need for more nursing staff as well as doctors I sent out an e-mail plea this morning to Medical Teams International, a disaster relief organization based in Portland Ore. I haven't heard back yet.
As I finished work rather tired today God knew I needed encouragement and two wonderful things happened. I stopped by to see a little 6 year-old boy with a badly infected foot that Dr. Gary is going to possibly be operating on next week. When I had last seen him he wouldn't let me anywhere near his foot and was crying due to constant pain. I had secluded him away in the OB ward away from all the cholera and hubbub knowing it was safer and he would get better care there. When I came in the room he started giggling and wouldn't stop. He is pain free and is obviously quite happy about it. What a joy to see this dramatic response to treatment. Shortly after this I was greeted by a group of mostly caucasians from Samaritans Purse headed by a Dr Kara Gibson who was like an angel
God had sent. They were there to offer us assistance including nursing staff, a stack of cots for people sleeping on the floor, staff trained in offering education to patients and family about cholera and how to prevent it spreading. They also offered us a whole lot of help in other ways. So I would like to conclude by saying God is good and is always there to lift us up and help us when we need it most.
In Him,

Friday, October 22, 2010


Update from Doris Peavey, October 22, 2010 -

Many have been calling and asking, so we thought we might let everyone know how things are in Dessalines.
First, we are very sorry because we have not been on lately but will try to do
better. We have had quite a few teams this fall and a lot going on. However, God
has been good. Praise the Lord.
In Dessalines around us, we have not heard of any outbreaks but the hospital is
full with cholera patients and Dr. Jerry, who has only been here a little over
a week, really has his hands full. Last night they lost two. The nurses have
been busy night and day not even having time to eat. They asked Ruben if he would
bring back something for them. We got together and made some Cream of Wheat that
was on hand. The hospital called Ruben and asked if we had anything, we could
help out with in the situation. Left over from the container sent earlier this year, we had hand
sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, along with some depends. (What else could they have used
that was any better for the circumstances?) God always comes through at the
right time.
You might ask what we are doing here at EGO to protect us. All the children were given
a bottle of hand sanitizer to put in their book bags along with some
Yesterday the Holy Spirit reminded us of the big AIDS scare a few years ago when we gathered under the tree and prayed that God would
vaccinate everyone. In living a holy life for Jesus he would take care of us.
That proved to be true.
We sent word to Milo as to what the Lord had placed on our hearts. At the end of
the church service last night, we spoke to them. Our council to them was after
returning home from school, market etc. be sure and wash their hands well with
soap. Reminded them of some years ago what we did and believed that God would do
the same now when this disease was running rampant in our area. Believing God
was calling us to a life of holiness and if we were faithful to Him, He would be
faithful to us, etc. They all came and knelt down at the altar as Milo sang and
Dad anointed them with oil we prayed that God would vaccinate them with the Holy
Spirit against this cholera that was spreading so fast. What an experience we
had with the Lord as we felt waves and waves of the Holy Spirit all over us.
Then went to the baby dorm and laid hands on them. We were so grateful to God
that we had obeyed the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your prayers.
Don & Doris Peavey

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E.G.O.'s faithful friend and former employee, Fifi

In the March 2010 newsletter, the Peavey's shared an update on their previous employee and friend, Fifi. It went as follows, "Do you remember Fifi? She used to work for us. Her husband ran around on her, then gave her HIV/AIDS before he passed away. She is now taking care of her grandchildren as well as her own children, because her daughter also passed away. She recently brought her 6 children/grandchildren in from Port-au-Prince and they have been staying together in Dessalines on someone's porch. However, the owners have just requested that she and her children leave. She told us that she has a small lot, but didn't think that she had enough galvanized sheeting to build."

Shortly after that update, E.G.O. purchased a tent for Fifi & her family. However, they are still in need of a home.

Following are some photos recently taken of Fifi, her family and the tent they have been living in. If you are in any way able to help, stateside contact information for E.G.O. is:
E.G.O. , 3572 Quebec Trail, Wayland, MI 49348, or by phone: 269-792-0444. E-mail at:

Fifi, with her beautiful & ever-present smile!
Fifi and her family

The family next to the tent they have been living in since March

2 of Fifi's children
Doris visiting with Fifi and her youngest

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer of 2010 continues…


The summer of 2010 has been a crazy busy one with several teams visiting and working at EGO. So much has been accomplished and we are so grateful to all who came, those who contributed so others could come, and those who are our faithful prayer warriors.

To give you a better feel for what has been happening, following are two posts written by team leaders heading up teams to EGO this summer. The first is from dentist, Dr. Jeff Haw, accompanied and assisted by his 2 adult children, Tim & Katelyn. They spent 10 days in Haiti this summer, mostly at EGO--praise the Lord for them! Doris herself stated, "I have never seen two siblings be so close and polite with everyone and with each other. They never got discouraged and worked right alongside their father, assisting him with every patient. With Dr. Haw, Don and I had the opportunity to talk about old times when he and his father came to E.G.O. and worked on many people. We were so blessed to have them with us and may we say for too short a time! Also, along with what we already had, they left some of their equipment, trusting that sometime in the near future another dentist will make his/her way here. There were so many people yet that need dental work done".

The second post is from Steve Scheib, an experienced builder from Iowa who has spent all summer at EGO coordinating 3 teams and the construction work on the school--a second story addition and an extension of the first floor. Again, we can't begin to say enough "thank you!'s" to Steve and everyone on the 3 teams.

Also, "Food for the Poor" has agreed to ship another large container for us (one holds roughly 50,000 lbs!). It is being loaded with many, many pounds of beans and corn, as well as 30 solar panels that were donated by DTE Energy. There is still room for approx. 14,000 pounds of product, so if you are wanting to send something to EGO, this is your chance! You can send it to:

Brian Hulber

20130 County Road D

Archbold OH 43502

(phone number--419-446-2582 for availability)

Jonathan School Update

JONATHAN SCHOOL UPDATE – August 2010: from Steve Scheib

Team 3 from Michigan arrived at EGO late Monday evening. On Tuesday morning, they hit the floor running. And, running we did. The 2nd story bond-beam forms had to be installed, along with all the 5/8" re-bar, snap-ties, 2" x 4" support brackets, and whaler wedges. PRAISE GOD for the effort produced. On Saturday, we poured 220 lineal feet of concrete 12" wide x 20" deep in just 6 hours of 105 degree heat. The concrete is finished for this project. Now the steel roof rafters have to be installed this week, along with all the galvanized roof sheathing. Most of the rafters have been built this week in the shop and late Saturday afternoon, 2 were painted with a rust-proof oil base paint. Pray for us this week as we work hard to finish this summer's work team project.

After the cement is hauled up the ladder, it is poured into wheel barrows where once again it is put into a bucket to be hand fed up to the one man who dumps it into the bond beam form. The man with the backpack is the finisher or leveler. Take this effort x two teams of men who duplicate this effort for over 6 hours straight on the cement pour on Saturday morning. We started pouring cement at 7:15 am and finished just 6 hours later at 1:30 pm. Then all helped clean-up equipment & tools. Once this was finished, everyone enjoyed Gator-aide and a big plate of rice & beans! And, then each was paid their wage agreed upon.

Thank you to Teams 1 & 2 for your hard work that precipitated this final effort before the steel roof rafters and roof sheathing is installed this week. Without your earlier commitment of hard work, Team 3 could not have finished this project. Over 400 bags of cement and thousands of feet of steel re-bar were used in this entire effort, not counting the many hours of labor.

Jonathan School - August 2010

Haw Haiti Team Pics

Dr. Haw and Don Peavey at work!
* * * * * * *
The Haw Family
* * * * * * *
The Haw team, Doris Peavey, Joceline and a very happy patient!
* * * * * * *
this is the ever-precious, Carla!
* * * * * * *
this is Ketla (one of the older girls) with one of the newest additions to E.G.O.

The Haw Haiti Team

From Dr. Haw--8/9/10

It has been just a week since we returned from a twelve day mission trip to Haiti and Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. It already is starting to feel like a dream, something so foreign to the comfortable rural Iowa we call home. Although this was my third visit to EGO and Dessalines, and my seventh trip to Haiti it had been over 25 years since I had "visited". I was first introduced to Haiti as part of family short term mission projects, assisting my father, also a dentist, working in many missions throughout Haiti. It was now my turn to introduce the next generation to missions and to Haiti. I was joined by my 21 yr. old daughter, Kate and my 18 yr old son Tim, both had crash courses in field dentistry, sterilization and infection control, and many, many stories from my wife and I and their Grandparents on the Haitian experience.

I was shocked by both how much has changed and how much has stayed the same in Haiti. A country that I once knew like the back of my hand has changed; I could barely make out landmarks and locations. The increase in building and the numbers of people was most evident, yet in the background the tell tale signs of last winter's devastation. A somewhat familiar street corner is now camouflaged with layers of debris, tents and makeshift shelters. Even on the road to Dessalines the familiar barren hillsides now dotted with blue and white tents . And then the people.. mile after mile, in the dark, people on the roadway, people in doorways and windows.. and motorcycles now clog the roads and towns, weaving and bobbing in and out of traffic. Yet the feel, the sounds and faces of the people are oh.. so familiar. It takes no time to remember why we are here, the people.

Our tip although a long time in the wishing stage was quickly confirmed and put together and despite the haste our travels went oh so smoothly. We had prepared for the worst and were blessed by the best, clearing customs and getting to EGO in near record time. Walking into the mission home of Don and Doris was like coming home to visit long missed family. Although we all are a little older and the compound a lot bigger it was like being home.

EGO has been Blessed with wonderful gift of a top notch dental unit and compressor—wonderful A-Dec package that included all the necessary repair parts and tools to field strip and repair. To those who made this gift possible a big thank you! Our mandate was to screen and assess all the children, prioritize and treat. Then do the same with the staff and the workers. Dental disease is a complex animal, the rate of decay, its' aggressiveness and even that of gum disease is greatly affected by the host and is a mirror of their overall health, nutrition and wellbeing. What we had reflected back to us in the smiles of these children and young people was a picture of health! with decay rates that would put many school agers in the states to shame. Even when we found decay it was far less aggressive than what is often seen in Iowa and elsewhere. In strict clinical terms it points to the excellent care and nutrition that is provided the children and their overall health. I am sure that Doris's strict soda and candy rules play a big part too. After putting the dental clinic and equipment to a full test we met and exceeded all of our goals and expectations, yet our seven days of clinic barely scratched the surface of the overall dental need. The children's needs were met and the emergency needs of the staff were addressed but the need for continued care remains and the need and outreach for those outside the compound is staggering. So if you are a dentist or a hygienist and you are wishing and praying for an outreach…….. EGO has a clinic and a need for you!

In addition there was some good discussion on how the existing dental clinic could be enhanced and expanded and improved. The basic structural bones of a clinic are there with the ability to do basic restorative and oral surgical care but with just a little effort and a little investment a comprehensive care facility could be established. This is something worthy of prayer and consideration.

Jeff Haw D.M.D.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Progress on the school...

Another work team has arrived to work on the school! They arrived on July 15th and began work the 16th. Here is a note from the coordinator, "Work is progressing but due to a back up in welding time on the support re-bar and also on the cement block by our Haitian masons, we have fallen behind on our schedule. And we have been at the mercy of the rain, which comes each and every day sometimes as early as noon, but always when we have just begun to really crank it up. So, with that said, we are moving forward. Not at the pace we would expect in the USA, but this is Haiti and a far different place than our homeland. I think you will see much done in the photos and we ask for your prayers to blanket this effort and the moral of the team. We have labored as hard as possible."

Also, please be in prayer for the 3rd work team of the summer arriving August 2nd. Thank you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Turning of the Tide" - by Dr. Charles Stanley

If you've not heard Dr. Charles Stanley's message on Turning of the Tide, feel free to click on the link below and listen. God is telling us to take a stand.

"Friends, this world is not your home, so don't get cozy in it!... Live an exemplary life among the natives, so that your actions will refute their prejudices. Then they'll be won over to God's side and be there to join in the celebration when He arrives." 1 Peter 2:11-12 (The Message).

March on weary soldier, take heart! Be filled with God. Refresh yourself in His Living Water.

Monday, July 5, 2010

many talented hands at E.G.O.

The children and adults at E.G.O. have many talents. The following embroideries and carvings are just a couple of examples!

faces to go with the stories!

In this picture, Miralaine and Doris are standing in front of the cake Miralaine made for Doris and Don's 77th birthdays last year (2009)! She has quite exceptional talent at cake decorating, baking, sewing, embroidery... the list goes on! ***********************************************************************************
This is a picture of a very sleepy Alicia last summer (2009). She is the little one that Miralaine has cared for since birth.


This is a picture of Dennison, the child that Ruben and his wife are in the process of adopting. *************************************************************************************

This is Amos as an infant. He was the Peavey's second orphan and now works for the UN in Haiti.


This is a picture of some of the boys harvesting beets when Amos was a boy. He is the one on the far right!

June and July Happenings at E.G.O.

Hello All! Here is a recent letter from Doris:

Well, Miralaine had a beautiful wedding for a beautiful bride! It was a double wedding and a LOONNNG ONE! The brides walked down the aisle together. When the officiant asked, “who gives this bride?”, Don went over, took their hands and put them together saying, “Mom and I”. It was good.
We drove them home after the wedding, as we hadn’t seen their new apartment yet. It was on the other side of town, off the road towards the mountain. It’s cute and contains a nice bed and dresser, table and buffet etc.

One evening, one of our workers caring for the children, came up to the house stating “Youseline and Kasseline are really sick, they do not even respond”. (All of the little children had been vomiting and each had gotten better except the two. We had been giving them dehydration liquids and watching them closely for a couple of days.) Ruben was at the house, getting ready to take a cake over to Miralaine’s, so I asked him if he would take the children to the hospital on his way. Denise and Shirley went with him to stay with the children at the hospital. Before leaving we had to quickly collect sheets, clothes, water, etc. for them to take along. (Not like an American hospital, huh?) After arriving, they received IV's and fluids and by the next morning they were responding. The hospital does not provide basic necessities for the patients, so that next morning we cooked oatmeal and took it over to them. (On a sidenote: I am unsure who sent the oatmeal to us, but it was sitting in a box the living room. Praise the Lord, it was on time and delicious!) The next day, the children were discharged so we went to pick them up. Youseline cried when they removed her IV. When Kasseline's was removed she said, with her big eyes opened wide, “I didn't cry!” They are such little sweet hearts. Anyway, they are all up and playing now. Thank You, Jesus! When they were first becoming dehydrated, I had asked Talante if she could please give them IV’s because I just can’t do it anymore. However she was unable to as she has a new baby on the way and has been sick herself.

That morning when I went to pick up the girls at the hospital, I decided to take Alicia along with me for a surprise visit with Miralaine. She is 1½ years old and Miralaine had been taking care of her since birth. I have cried so many times since the wedding, watching little Alicia look around for Miralaine. She would toddle over to the gate of the Tabernacle, looking all around as she walked. (For the last week before the wedding, Miralaine had spent much of her time at the Tabernacle preparing.) When I arrived at Miralaine’s house she came out, her face beaming as she leaned over to kiss and thank me. She then unbuckled the seatbelt and just hugged and hugged little Alicia – how happy they were! She had previously asked if after they were married she could take Alicia home with her and then bring her back when she came to work. I surely couldn't say no!!!

Our house has been a little disorganized as of late! Following our brief rest in the states were all of the preparations for Miralaine’s wedding, as well as the unloading of the container (with some of its contents still sitting in our living room waiting for someone! Oh, did you know that the container had arrived safely? Again, thank You, Jesus!)

Designs for a new little house on the grounds are being drawn up and there is now furniture on our front porch waiting to occupy it after it is built! I have cleaned and covered them until they are ready to be used. We are also excited and waiting expectantly for the summer teams to complete the new school! We are hoping it will be ready for use this fall! The desks and chairs are ready and currently occupying space in the little 3 room school until the new school is ready!

Ruben (the E.G.O. director) and his new wife, Tchweebee, are in the process of adopting Dennison. Social Affairs are willing to do it for him because they know him. I thought that was nice of them.

Samuel, Rachel’s fiancĂ©, has been living with his family following the earthquake. He was recently in a motorcycle accident and walked away with bruises and contusions to his shoulder, face and hands, as well as some stitches to his head. The medical team at the government school took care of him. I didn't know anything about the accident until a few days later when he came to me to rebandage his injuries! Then the other day he came back to me with a sore throat that had gone into his ear. He had gone to Talante's house and she gave him some meds, but didn't give him anything for Malaria. I took care of him and Hilliare went to the clinic for some Chloriquine (to treat the Malaria). He's been staying here since then and is feeling better.
Amos came Saturday to explain the various costs of getting the van out of customs. He certainly did a great job of keeping track of everything. He had everything written down in Gourds, Haitian dollars and American dollars. Dan and I were both really impressed! He is very imformative and knows more than I ever dreamed about the Haitian government. What a guy! He still loves to talk, but told of so many experiences he has had with the heads of departments. He said, “if you would like to talk to Bill Clinton or… I can make it happen.” He was not boasting, just informing. He had been a journalist for some station when the UN asked him to come with them. It took him 3 years to answer and accept their offer as he didn’t want any work that was dishonest. He told us so many stories. One story took place at a time when he really needed some money. He met a man who worked for a wealthy company and the man offered to give Amos the money he needed. Amos told him he would only take a personal check from him. (He wouldn’t accept cash because of the possibility that it was gained by illegal/dishonest means.) The man replied, “For goodness sake, the cash is right here in my hand. Come and get it.” Amos turned around and walked out of the house. As he left, the house collapsed behind him. He told many other stories as well, I wish I could remember them all! However, in the time he was here with us he certainly gained my confidence, and Don’s too.
He then stayed the night and attended church with us the next day which was great! Milo had a good sermon after which one young lady went to the altar to give her life to Jesus. When everyone was about to leave, Milo came outside and he and Amos gave each other a big bear hug and talked. It was good. Amos is only a few months older than Milo.

Well, this is all for now. Of course it isn’t all that has happened at E.G.O. recently, but better than nothing, right?!

Love, Don & Doris Peavey

Thursday, May 6, 2010

E.G.O. Newsletter (May 2010)

Greetings from EGO in that Name Jesus! We realize this is well over due. There was rarely a moment to even jot anything down—all the happenings and GRATEFUL thoughts we had for each individual who so tenderly packed boxes with badly needed items, not only for the orphanage but those in need elsewhere. We were so blessed to be able to give to those that lost everything—especially blankets, sheets, towels, toiletries, clothing, and the list goes on.

Just a few tidbits of news: Ruth was called back to work in Port. She was living outside, as were many others. With the two tents that came we were able to give one to her and the other to Samuel, Rachelle’s fiancĂ©, who was sleeping under a small tarp - and with all the rains…..

Only a few of the earthquake victims are still at the orphanage. Just a week before we left for the States for Dr. appointments, I was walking through the girls dorm and one of the ladies stopped me to thank us for allowing her to stay, as she had been sick for years (and should have been on dialysis). She said “I would have never been able to live in the street.” She looked so beautiful as she looked up into my face. We were blessed to have her with us. For 27 years she promised God she would never take any medicine—just trust in Him. That same night Rachelle came up to say this same lady wasn’t feeling well and the next day her son came and took her to the hospital near Port au Prince. She had lapsed into a coma and never came out. She went to see her maker the next day. I was so glad that day, even so busy, I just h-a-p-p-e-n-d to go out and visit the people.

Students were called back to school in Port. The buildings are down but most of them are holding school in tents. Pierre and John had no place to stay. The back wall where they were staying had fallen and the when Pierre stepped onto the porch, it broke right through. The inside walls of the house are cracked, as so many others that are partially standing, and no one will stay in them because many have fallen.

Dad has been working on the second phase of the School. It has been moving slowly. He has not hired extra help—just older boys help in the mornings then attend school in the afternoons. Of course we always have our faithful Pastor Milo that is Dad’s right hand man in more ways than one! The columns are up and the blocks are laid and we are ready to start on the beams. We hear there some teams coming soon. What a boost for the morale. Pray God’s will may be done while they are here, that things will move faster and much will be accomplished for His Glory. We trust we will have more rooms for classes this fall.

A few years ago we built a little house down in the corner close to the clinic. We had a family living there. They had recently built their own home so they were able to move. For a long time we have wanted to put an addition on the house. We put in the foundation for a 30 x 14 addition.
After the blocks are up and the roof is on we’ll add a porch and it will be nice. Who will live there….we don’t yet know for sure….maybe Ruben and his wife that were just recently married will be the ones…

Speaking of marriage,. Miraliane and Belmane have planned their wedding date for June 24th . Rachelle and Samuel… well, no date has been set as of yet because he lost everything in the quake. He is now trying to build a house and has the foundation in place. Dad and I and others stopped while going into Port one day to see it. He was proud to show it to us. Besides being a Professor he is an architect but lost everything in the earthquake including his laptop with all his plans etc. He also lost his brother (the one that Amelia was going to marry before she was escorted up to heaven in an accident).

Just talked with Ruben and was told EGO has two new additions! A set of twins—a boy and a girl around a month old—Rodolene and Rodelyn. They are requiring much care and are so tiny, just getting adjusted to milk. I believe Roseline is caring for one and Modelene the other, when they are not in school. Pray for these babies, that they will make it.

Together with the Osbornes and many others, we are working on filling two storage places in West Palm Beach for a 40’ container. We’ve been given some school desks and many other items that we will soon need.

We have purchased a van and it is being outfitted to survive the conditions in Haiti ! A dear friend will drive it to Florida and arrange for shipping it over to Haiti , then fly over and meet it when it comes in! How helpful this will be when teams come in the months and years ahead!

Thanks for everyone’s help and support in recent months. So many hands have reached out to us and the people of Haiti . Your prayers and gifts have touched more lives than you can imagine.

Don and Doris Peavey

Editor’s Note: There are still many ways you can help! We need sponsors for the new babies as well as others. Your prayers are needed as we continue the building projects and get another container and vehicle through customs! If you have questions, email or call 269-792-4271. Donations may be made via the Paypal link on our website or by mail to : EGO, 3572 Quebec Trail, Wayland MI 49348.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pictures of Ruben's wedding

Ruben Alphonse's wedding and other news...


Tchweebbee & Ruben's Wedding
Eglise Bon Berger Des Cayes

The best man didn’t show! He was to bring the suit for Ruben. He was a little beside himself but within two days, after much searching, he was able to have one made. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful church for two beautiful people that God ordained to join together. ---Now for a place for them to live!!!
The trip to Cayes was long--a 5 hour drive - all the way through Port au Prince and a long way out where there were fallen buildings and then hundreds of little tent cities. Some had been given by different organizations and some made with sheets or whatever could be found and then when it rains… they have anything to sleep on?…and the list goes on. So very heart wrenching.

After 5 days away we were certainly happy to return home. We never cease to give thanks for our bed and all the comforts we have. Waiting for us were Dr. Deb, Dr. Laurie with her family and friend. It was good to see them again along with all their stories.

Dad has several projects going. For the second stage of the school, the foundation is in and the columns up and we'll soon be laying blocks. We will also be digging the foundation for the addition to the little house by the clinic. We're beginning another little house on another small piece of property given to EGO. And then there are so many other things that are waiting to be finished!

News flash…well not what you think. Monday on the way back home we stopped in St Marc only to find the papers had to be sent back to Port again. Tuesday, more complications--now the "Bill of Lading" has been "misplaced"--I have a copy but they must look for the original! Only God knows!

Do you remember Fi Fi? (Fifi used to work for us, her husband ran around on her, gave her AIDS and now she is taking care of her grandchildren because her daughter died.) She talked to me this morning. She brought her six children from Port. She is staying on someone’s porch in Dessalines and now they want the space. I told her we would pray and see what God would have us do. She does have a small lot and had bought some galvanized sheeting but didn’t think she had enough. We were also just asked this morning if we could take in a baby that the mother died giving birth…..

Will work to keep you updated!

Don and Doris

Editor's Notes: Prayer Requests--One, there are now a total of 3 cargo containers in St. Marc destined for EGO that are being held up in customs. Please pray for correct and accepted paperwork and all the loopholes to be filled! Two--please pray for strength and health for Don and Doris as they are very tired--there have been extra people and teams (all of which have been a help!), so much traveling back and forth, and the weight of the projects they want to finish. Three--We have purchased another 15-passenger van, very nice. The upgrades to make it "Haiti-proof" are underway and then it will be transported to Haiti--another item through customs! Please pray for the entire process.

Thank you for all your prayer support as well as your gifts that help us maintain this ministry!

Monday, March 1, 2010

and... the "container saga" continues still.

Well, today all of the paperwork was supposed to be done and ready for us to pick up the long awaited container. This time we called St. Marc to see if it was indeed ready. We were told that all the paperwork was there. Rueben, Stue and I all went in only to find out that the only man to yet sign off on the papers didn't show up for work today. We talked to the mayor and even though he says it should be ready tomorrow, we'll wait until Fri. Steve just called this afternoon to say that the other two containers were shipped and will arrive this Friday. The paperwork is supposed to be finished already for customs and they are supposed to be released and delivered Friday. As you can see, Friday looks like a really big day!!! We've been working on the 9 buckets and 4 boxes that just found their way to us after a year. We've given clothing out to the little ones and this evening after school we will get the older ones. The shoes.... really good ones, it's been a long time since we've had good shoes here. It is surely wonderful. And the vitamins we asked for... here they are. Imagine the people we can affect with the containers? I can hardly wait!

Dad goes over to the school everyday and makes a mold by hand to pour columns and posts. Very tedious and physical work. I know that he could really use help but until God brings someone here to help him we must go on as we are, trusting God for strength and wisdom.

Thanks for your continuous care and prayers.
God Bless,
Don and Doris Peavey

Saturday Update:

Just thought I'd give a brief update on the container. I know you probably weren't holding your breath, neither were we, just hoping. Friday we called and guess what?! The Mayor went to Port-au-Prince, won't be back until Mon... but certain to be done Monday Then we got a call later, "Make that Tuesday." The other two containers should be ready to go Wednesday...... Have a wonderful Lord's day. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! God Bless, Don & Doris Peavey

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend of Prayer & Fasting

This weekend, which has always been Mardi Gras or Carnival, a holiday given to satan, has been declared by President Preval, a weekend of prayer and fasting. Yesterday, word was sent that everyone should pray at home because the churches wouldn't be able to hold everyone. Early this morning Milo, the pastor at the community church here, came running over to get the key to storage to get all the extra chairs out. And, he needed to get the planks and blocks out of storage to make more benches for people to sit on. Now, the church is so full that people have to sit outside in the sun (which they never like to do as it's so hot there) but they said they didn't mind. You can hear the singing and praise from the church here in the house. The shouts sound like a soccer game. Oh you can't imagine the site!! People everywhere gathering to pray and praise the living God!!! God is moving! God is moving! Oh, miracle of miracles, God be praised. Never have we seen such response in Haiti!! I feel like Simeon when he held the Christ child at the temple. If the last 40 years we have served in Haiti, in hope to see this point of revival, the time is all worth it. Please pray with us that this nation will proclaim itself a Christian nation instead of a voodoo nation. God hears!!
God Bless You,
Don & Doris Peavey

the "container saga" continues...

In a recent post, a request for prayer was made regarding 2 containers sent to E.G.O. One is a 10'x20'container of food and one a 10'x40' container of supplies to fix fresh water wells. However, E.G.O. was told that in order to pick up the containers from customs, they must pay custom duties of $4-6,000 per container. We have received a couple updates since that time, the most recent being sent by Doris on the 11th. Here are those updates (with the most recent being last):
written by Vickie (Don & Doris's daughter) February 9th:
"Called Mom on her cell phone this evening and they were just coming off the main rd from Port-au-Prince. They spent the day in Port going from one place to another, the roads were blocked, houses about to fall so they'd have to take another rd, etc. only to be given a handwritten list of things to do and places to go to overide the duty. Steve has a call into Pres. Clinton and Terry Snow, with YWAM in St. Marc, is meeting with the U.N. in the a.m. The Haitian that is sharing the container with us got there today and he said that he has a franchise and connections. We'll see. Please pray. Mom said they were cyphoning gas out of tanks taken off the ship and just taking what they wanted. Someone just told them to put theirs back on, they would just take it back to the States. They want $$ under the table and know how to wear people down. Gwen is supposed to be trying to fax something they need from headquarters but last time I tried to do that the fax machine wasn't working. It had been smoking but the phone and copier still worked. Pray that they get the papers and win favor with God and man.
She went to FOHO for the first time, stood there and grieved for their friends. She sounds tired and frazzled. Please pray for strength, wisdom and clarity of mind during these times. Pray for safe delivery of everything in the containers.
Thank you for your prayers,
written by Doris, February 10th:
"Talked to the man from UN tonight. He said that I needed a paper from the customs, take to the mayor of St. Marc for signature then back to customs and we should be able to get the container out duty free. Let him know if we have more problems. Just to think that these guys from the UN were there introducing themselves to the custom agents at the same time we were there trying to get our things! God never ceases to amaze us. Rueben one of the triplets raised here and our Administrator, came in with a half load of food from Food for the Poor, Praise the Lord! He asked to see the papers to which I replied that they kept them there at customs. He scolded me that we should never leave out paperwork with anyone because anyone could get the container out with those papers. I don't doubt him but I'd like to hire the guy who could do just that! So, today we're off to St. Marc again to get the signature on the papers. There is a holiday coming this weekend which means that everything will be closed Fri., Mon and Tue. We probably won't get the container until Wed. but we're trying. Please continue to pray.
Doris Peavey"
written by Doris the evening of February 11th:
"Hello! Returned home a little earlier today. Had a long nap, that was nice.
Last night Ruben talked with the UN man, Mario, and explained more in detail what was going on. So this morning Ruben, Stuart and myself went directly to where the containers were parked but the person that inspected it hadn't arrived yet.
Someone called him for me ,he said that he was waiting for me at customs. We drove back and he was upstairs. He showed me what he had done, I thanked him. He didn't ask for any money. He showed me where I was to go next - I thanked him and told him I would return and then went to the Mayor's office and presented him with all the documents. He was very kind and explained we had to fill out another form. They would send them yet today to Port au Prince but because tomorrow, Friday, is a day of prayer and fasting (Haiti has replaced Mardi Gras with fasting and praying this year!) the papers wouldn’t be back until Monday. So, they said for us to come really early Tuesday morning and pick up the container... THAT’S SHOUTING MATERIAL! You know we haven’t got it yet BUT WE WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT. PRAISE GOD!!
Mario had told Ruben to keep him informed of how things were going and he said he would be in contact with the Mayor. I thanked him. It seemed so nice to have someone on your side helping you (with skin on)!!!!!
Now it's time to catch up with everything that has been put on hold this week.

Thanks again for all your PRAYERS,
Love you,
Mom (Doris Peavey)"

some photos to go with the stories...

here are some photos to coorespond with the stories we've shared from E.G.O.!

In the photos above you can see the UN workers that visited the orphanage following the earthquake, photos of the orphans previously living at E.G.O. and photos of some of the refugees that have been brought to E.G.O. In an earlier post there was a story of a refugee who had a broken femur. After having it set at the hospital, he came to EGO. When the extra doctors arrived at the hospital in Dessalines, they decided to do another x-ray. When Doris saw it, she said it just made her sick! The femur isn't broken, rather the bones in his lower leg are badly broken and are still one inch apart--he would never have been able to walk on it. So he is currently at the hospital in Gonaives and will have surgery to put the bones back together. There've been a lot of overworked doctors and mistakes made.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please Pray!

Churches around Mt. Pleasant, MI have raised approximately $20,000 for food and supplies for E.G.O.! One 10'x20'container of food and one 10'x40' container of supplies to fix fresh water wells are being shipped to Haiti and will arrive on
Monday. However, they just found out that to pick up the containers, as
well as an older model pickup truck (needed to carry the supplies), they
will now need to pay customs between $4,000 to $6,000 per container as well as an amount equal to the value of the truck. Needless to say, the orphanage does not have
the resources to pay that price.

Please pray that they might get the containers out of customs duty-free. Obviously if the customs duties cannot be paid, both the food and the supplies will sit in customs unused and will not be able to get to the people who need the food and the fresh water.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



We've had quite the Sunday! After a good service we visited the people in our yard. First to the Girls dorm visiting the ladies. One of the older ones is a diabetic with a huge sore on her leg, another has an infected wound. Then on to the boys dorm where a man had escaped a fallen building, displacing his knee and breaking his femur. He dragged his body out and a passing motorbike picked him up. It was just last week when he was finally able to get it set at Des Chappelle.

The U.N. escorted Lawrence Jones here from St. Marc and one was a Medic. She took care of the two ladies. It was much appreciated. He had flown from the States to the Dominican and stopped at his 'mission direct', rented a truck and bought food, fuel, and everything we needed. I can't begin to name them all. One thing I thought was so great though, he bought us 1 bottle of olive oil. God had placed it on his heart. He didn't know that just the other day I had knocked the one I just got in St. Marc off the stove and it broke. I felt so badly I cried. His explanation when I asked him what promoted him to bring it, he said, "just because we like it and thought you might like it too." Glory!

How blessed we are!!!! We can't get over someone coming all of those miles, going to all the trouble renting a truck and buying all the needed things. I know there are many more that are doing the same thing. We want to thank you in advance for all you are doing for EGO and the suffering people of Haiti. May God pour you out a blessing your cup cannot contain...
Pastor Chris, Ray and Jim coming all the way from Texas to encourage the people here and to pray with them. The best thing was on Friday night when the children came up; Chris played the guitar and led in some worship songs. After which he had us get in a circle and all three went around and laid hands on each one child/teenager individually, giving a word from the Lord. What a blessed time. Perhaps others did too, but I believe Ketla received the most. In church this morning she was so much in the presence of God singing and praising the Lord that it didn't matter who was beside her. I remember she was next to me holding my hand while they were praying for us and I sensed she received from the Lord. Praise God!

We are looking forward to all the company that will be coming to Dessalines these next few weeks..

Amongest everything else Dad is pressing to get the pads in and the foundation finished before the rains come. He and the boys work together on this project. We covet your prayers.

Thanks for your donations and all of those that are filling a container that will be coming in a few days.
Love you,
Don & Doris

Friday, January 22, 2010

Russ and Sherrie Cole

Russ and Sherrie Cole have spent many months in Haiti both at FOHO and at EGO. They were in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake. Following is a note from Sherrie to Don and Doris describing the events...
[editor's note: John Wiler was one of the Haitian caretakers at FOHO]
"I don't know how much you know about what happened with us last week so I will give you the shortened details. Russ and I were on the road to the Caribbean Food Market when the earthquake occured. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get back to FOHO. We were shocked to see it in a pile of rubble when we drove in the yard. We saw John Wiler and he was in shock over the situation. Jerry, one of the boys on the corner ran in and said he had talked to Jack. Russ and John went running to the northeast corner of the building where Jerry said he could hear Jack. Russ was determined to get to Jack, even though the aftershocks were still very strong. I was terrified the building would fall on him, but he went in. He found Jack about 75 feet back in the building. He was pinned by his legs. Russ and John Wiler and then Dan Snyder tried to get him out using whatever they could find for tools. Dan and DeeDee got to FOHO by someone who gave them a ride as the roads from the Mission house were trapped by rubble. Anyway, Aaron Swenson and his well drilling team also came and then all the rest of the men continued to try and get Jack out. Someone heard some tapping, which was coming from Katie, who was also buried. John Wiler and Jerry found her. Katie said later she could hear John saying, "show me where to dig Lord, show me where to dig". She moaned and he told her not to moan, but to pray! She had dived under the table in Jeannie's office which protected her. They found a suitcase close to her and managed to get her in it and slide her out. She has extreme swelling and had a ruptured spleen, which we didn't know about until she got to Guantanamo Bay and then they medivaced her on to Miami. The men got Jack out by 10 PM, after being pinned for 4 1/2 hours. We saw him today in Miami. He has a broken leg and wrist. Both he and Katie had surgery to open a drain in their legs so their bodies could drain excess fluids. Poor Katie is extremely swollen. But they are both alive. Both were medivaced to Cuba together and then Miami together and the Lord had them both put in the same hospital. We extended our return trip a day so we could visit with them. There is so much more I could tell you but won't right now. We finally got Jack to the American Embassy so Dan could do what he could for him. Dan was immediately pressed into service as people began coming in there for help. DeeDee and I were stuck at the Embassy for four days and nights as more and more people came there to get help getting out of the country. They ran out of space, water, food, toilet paper and many people ran out of patience. They only were able to take about 70 - 100 people out each day. There were over 200 people including many, many over tired panicked children. Everyone shared what ever food they had. The last day, Dee Dee and I shared two crackers and a cold can of beanie weanies. We each got maybe two hours of combined sleep in those 4 days. So much more happened during this week that it will take many hours to share with you. Another little miracle - After many many hours of trying to get us out of the country, getting passport replacements, etc. Russ and I were at the final checkpoint to get on the plane in Santa Domingo and my passport papers were missing. After a frantic search, I found them in the pocket of Russ' shaving kit, where I had dumped the contents of my wallet, our original passports! I know God put them there at the very last minute to say, "I will always take care of you" We are grieving for Jack, but rejoicing for Jeannie, as she, along with Merle and Gene and Erlin are with the Lord. We plan on returning to Haiti, just as soon as the Lord allows. Much love to you both, Sherrie"

Monday, January 18, 2010

supplies are needed...

Good Morning! Many have asked how to get involved and where to send money. Here is a place to start! Thank you so much!

Following are: a note from Don & Doris's daughter on the state of things at E.G.O. as well as a list of supplies needed by the orphanage at this time. The list is by priority (at the top) to wish list (at the bottom). Shipping information is located at the bottom as well.


Mom and Dad have about 20 refugees right now which doesn't sound like much in the scope of things, but what most people don't know was there wasn't much food to be found at least a week before the quake. Most the grocery stores were closed (the big ones) and when they sent someone into Port for provisions, very little was found so their provisions were almost extinguished then. 3 men are flying down this week via Missionary Flights Int'l but only allowed 2000 lbs (including the weight of the men). That's not much when the need is so great. I just know that there will be another opportunity soon... we just have to be ready. They're going to buy as much beans, rice, and powdered whole milk they can get their hands on. One of them will be carrying money on them from headquarters. Gas prices are high ($20.00 a gal) and the storage batteries for their solar panels are used up. They have to run their small generator to call or use email. Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement. If everything was a total loss, and my parents and everything were lost, God would still be worthy of our praise because He is God Almighty, a Sovereign, Holy and most Powerful God. And, one day everyone will bow their knee to worship Him, whether they served Him or were His adversaries, and proclaim, "The Lord, He is God!"

Love you, Vickie (Don & Doris daughter in Florida)


Underwear for men s-m-a few large
Pants for men – smaller sizes
Shirts – smaller sizes
Underwear for women – full cut
Summer type dresses
Shoes and sandals – men & women

Baby bottles
Diapers - cloth
Plastic pants
Sleepwear for babies
Sheets - single

Cooking oil
Beans (Haitian or brown)
Alaska powered milk

6 - Trojan L16 RE 12 volt deep cell batteries for solar storage
6 - Trojan AGM Sealed batteries (will provide specs)

Copier for School
Photo Copy paper
Spiral notebooks

Ship To:
Missionary Flights International
Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

***PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: EGO has to pay MFI $1.50 per pound to ship everything into Haiti. Please send MFI the money to pay for the air flight into Haiti. Thanks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Body of Christ united!

The body of Christ is in prayer for Haiti all over the world! A good friend, native to Zimbabwe, shared testimony of how Africans are standing in the gap for their brothers and sisters in Haiti. What a blessing! May Christ continue to be our source of joy and comfort, He alone will never leave us nor forsake us! Glory to His Name!!

"its with joy overflowing that i write to you. be encouraged.... we join you in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. The response down here in Chinhoyi inline of standing between the gap is overwhelming.
my frends have started a small prayer group that will intercede for Haiti in this time of Crisis. our prayer is that of comfort, consolation, aid but better yet that Christ might be recognised as Savior and Lord in Haiti. when i emailed my friends in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia, they were quick to avail themselves to prayer. now i have the slightest idea of the love that has been shared abroad in our hearts by our Father.
we are praying, we are with you. Pedzy"

Thursday, January 14, 2010


For news regarding the FOHO (Friends of Haiti Organization) mission and all of those involved in with it in P.A.P., please go to:

beauty amidst the ashes...

For those of you who have not yet heard, Doris, Don and all at EGO are safe! They felt the quake strong enough that all the buildings were shaking, but no damage there. Even those who were in Port au Prince at the time of the quake are safe and have all returned to EGO.

Below is a note from Doris' daughter, Vickie, with some of the miraculous details. Our concern now is logistics--how to get supplies to them, i.e. propane, diesel fuel, etc. Their supply of those items is okay for now, and we're trusting God that as we help those in need around us, He will keep the barrels flowing. Please continue to pray. Here is Vickie's note:

My Dear Precious Ones,

I want to thank you for praying for my parents, the orphanage, friends, the conditions there and most of all, that God would show through the darkness there. As you know, everyone there in Dessalines, 90 mi. NE of Port, are fine. The buildings are intact. They are now getting the influx of injured from Port. The hospital there in Dessalines is full, Albert Schweitzer (sp) is full and probably St. Mark and Gonaives are filled to capacity. People are coming into the clinic there at EGO, fortunately Talante just purchased more meds. There are a few men in Orlando who want to go over with medical supplies Feb 9th if anyone has meds to send (would be great to send $$ to take the extra wt, also). Food is scarce but as God blessed the widow’s oil and meal, so He will once again bless what the orphanage gives out. Hopefully they can connect with some of the organizations bringing in relief supplies there.
I bring you good news today. I just got off the phone with Mom and she had some miraculous stories. Rachel, EGO accountant and one of the triplets raised there, had gone into Port that day to shop for some supplies. She felt the bus weaving and shaking but didn’t know if it was her or what. When they disembarked, she was hungry so bought a bite to eat. The food she had purchased needed some more sauce so she headed back toward the bldg when she felt the earth shake and parts of building falling around her. People began to run and scream in terror but she just crouched down where she was, alone with her hands over her head. When the shaking and rubble ceased to fall, she stood and looked around. The place where the people ran was where the building fell and they were all dead under the debris. God had kept her safe. It seemed that in every direction, God’s angel protected. She was able to call her brother and tell him that all the college kids there in Port were at the house and safe (despite being only 10 blocks from where FOHO had collapsed) but saw buildings all around them down. Rachel’s fiance is a teacher in Port. He was to teach a late class so was there early. He heard someone call his name, “Samuel ….” He went to the window, then to the door to look out and see but saw nobody. He went back in and began to write on the blackboard when he heard it again, “Samuel ……”. He went outside and down the steps when the entire building collapsed behind him. I think God has a purpose for his life and isn’t done with him yet. Rueben, another of the triplets, had lost contact with his fiance. She is now found and O.K.
Yesterday, Rachel was leaving Port and begged her sister, Ruth, along with the other 4 young men there to come home with her. Ruth hadn’t eaten anything and was tired and dirty. She said that she wouldn’t.. they needed nurses there in Port. Last night Rachel came home, it seems that busses were giving free rides just to get people home. You see, the heart of the Haitian is so kind and giving, in general, and will do almost anything to help another. She came home by herself and as she came down the street, Mom could hear wailing as Rachel stopped to tell neighbors that their children had been lost as schools collapsed with them inside. Mom made her way to them and tried to comfort them. She had prayer and began walking home when their son, who had been quite a bad boy - into much trouble- began to follow her. She put her arm around his shoulders, he put his arm around her waist, talked and then he asked her if she would pray with him. She eagerly accepted….. Another victory for God… another ray of light.
Well, it was later when Mom heard several footsteps coming up their stairs. In came Ruth and the four boys hungry, dirty and tired. Ruth asked Mom if she had any bread, she had just enough and pulled out the rest of the eggs she had so Ruth prepared them each an egg sandwich.
While I was talking to her Milo (was an orphan, works for Dad and is ordained pastor of the chapel there) peeked her head in and said that they had found his nephew, alive and well. She said that reports have been coming in constantly. She requested prayer for her mind, she’s tired, not sleeping at night, and her mind is so full. Please remember to pray for the road ahead for all of these.
Thank you for your time and prayers,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Everyone at EGO is okay and there are 2 notes to follow from Don and Doris. We still have not received any word on FOHO though, will keep you posted.

here are 2 notes we just received from Don & Doris:

Please sent an email out to everyone and tell them by the grace of God we are okay.
We were sitting at the table when the house began to shake we got up and while walking through the house we just called out the Name of Jesus on our way out of the house. We cannot call on our digicel phones because the 19 story building collapsed the head quarters for the phone services. We don't know how the kids are in Port but we did hear that a bakery on the same street is gone. Trying to get a hold of Foho but all they have are digicel phones also.
We are still feeling the after shocks..
Only God knows what the future hold but we are trusting in his provisions.
Thank you for your prayer.
Don & Doris

We are okay Praise the Lord. But can't reach anyone, kids or FOHO in Port Probably because they have digecel phones and the 19 story building that housed it has collapsed. Can't use our phones either. Praise God for our little generator. That we can get on line. The phone has been ringing we can hear them talking but no one can hear us.
As I sit here the desk is shaking.
What seems so odd is I can tell when we are having an aftershock because of what it does to my head. It feels so funny first one side and another time the other.
But we are praise God that everything in this area is okay. Except of course electricity.
Thanks for your continued Prayers.
Don & Doris

earthquake news...

I just heard the news of the earthquake and my heart is aching for everyone at EGO and in Port-au-prince. I can't even begin to imagine what is happening there right now. Please be in prayer for Don & Doris Peavey and the beautiful children at E.G.O. Pray for the hand of God, which has always held them, to give them peace. E.G.O. has for a long time been considered a "safe haven" of sorts... an "oasis" of beauty and peace in a spiritually war-torn and impoverished country. Don and Doris have been and continue to be lights shining for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that even now in the midst of this catastrophe they will continue to glorify Him. I will post any updates as soon as I receive them.

Please also be in prayer for some college students raised at E.G.O. who are currently living and studying in Port-au-prince. Please be in prayer for their safety and also that they would be able to somehow communicate with Don & Doris at this time.

There is also Jack and Jeanne at F.O.H.O. (Friends of Haiti Organization) in Port-au-Prince (and Katie Zook, who has taken this first year after her college graduation to minister with them). Please be in prayer for them right now as well. When I think of them, I think of their passion to spread the love of Christ across Haiti and also their passion for Haiti to come to love and accept Christ as their Savior. They have started the "saying" (for lack of a better word), "Haiti pour Christ". Which translates in English to, "Haiti for Christ". They say that Christ has always been for Haiti, but it's time for Haiti to repent and turn to Him.

Russ and Sherri Cole are also at F.O.H.O. currently. They have been in Haiti for a couple of months, spending time at E.G.O. as well. Please be in prayer for their safety, as well as for peace of mind for their children back in the states.

Please also lift up Dr. Dan and DeeDee Snyder. I believe they are currently back in Haiti as well. They reside in Port-au-Prince and Dr. Dan travels into Dessalines to the hospital once a week. They also have young adult children living in the United States.

"Sovereign God, we lift up Your name! You are worthy to be praised now and forevermore! You are God of the city of Port-au-prince. You are God of the town of Dessalines. May Your All-Powerful and Merciful Name be called upon and may the Haitian people turn to You in the midst of this catasrophe. We lift up our loved brothers and sisters to You. They have been called by You to minister to Your children in Haiti. Protect them. Give them strength to meet the needs of those You bring to them today. Encourage them. Gather them under Your wings of protection and peace. Give them wisdom. Give them courage. Give them peace. Above all, MAY YOUR NAME BE PRAISED. THERE IS NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Promenade


Every 1st of January, the little ones here at E.G.O. go on an outing to visit people and sing for them. This year they walked through the park in the center of town. They returned so happy! It was so good for them! Here are some photos of the excursion!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 with the Peavey's


We arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport in plenty of time, thanks to Tom Bland who so generously allows us to park our old 85 Motor home. (Tom was telling us about the time he was almost in the eye of the hurricane and the winds were so strong it took shingles off his house. When he looked out the window a tree limb was bending and he was concerned it was going to fall on the RV. So he went out in the storm, cut the limb off and pushed it aside...God’s protection!)

We had two large check-in bags, two heavy carry-on bags, plus my back pack which held my lap top, the new Bible my niece had given me (large print!!), two books to read, my purse, a cloth bag with our lunch, a pound of cheese and a brief case with another computer. In other words, it was a little heavy! Tom helped us unload. We were going to check in at the curb but when we didn’t have our permits with us (stating that we were residents in Haiti) we had to go inside. Tom knew we couldn’t do it all ourselves SO leaving the car parked at the curb he helped us carry them in. What a guy…A GOD SEND! AND his car was still there when he returned, thank you, Jesus!

Finally we arrived at the desk. She looked us up on the computer, but because we didn’t have return tickets she said they couldn’t allow us to leave without proof of residence. They had never asked for them before, so we had left our Permis de Sejour at home. I dug out our E.G.O. brochure and showed her. She said that it wasn’t proof enough; the only thing to do was to buy a return ticket. My insides were churning as a million thoughts went through my head. Reluctantly, I had just found my Visa card as someone came up behind her. She then began telling her of our plight and asked us to show the brochure again. THE NICE lady, after looking at it, looked up and said, “Oh let them go! Then we were told she was the one who took care of things like this in Haiti. FAVOR??? Praise The Lord!

While waiting to board, everyone was asked to bring up their carry-on luggage. I think we were the first in line. That took a huge load off of us. Many people didn’t want to, they probably didn’t understand.

We sat for 45 minutes on the plane while they juggled baggage around. First, the people who hadn't had their bags checked when it was requested had them taken just before they boarded the plane. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. They asked everyone that had soft bags to take them down from the bins and put them under their feet. In the first place there was hardly enough room to even put your feet. Oh by the way we were on Spirit Air. Then after more waiting...... (Oh, they had explained that the plane was too heavy. They’d had to put more fuel in it because of the bad weather up ahead.) It seemed then that the plane wasn't balanced so they brought up some of the bags they had already taken and distributed them around the plane. Some were placed in the back because they were too large to put in the bins... and the story goes on.

Finally, after taking off while we were still ascending, the engines began making some funny noises. Dad said, “that's a different sound.” It just seemed like it could hardly pull all the weight. I said a prayer (I'm sure Dad did too) and reminded the LORD, that underneath the plane were HIS everlasting arms!!

Praise God, we landed okay albeit in a rain and wind storm. Poor Dad got stuck behind some women walking so slowly down the stairs. (They had told us to be careful.) I, with my 20+ pound back pack, was trying to hurry as fast as I could to get out of the down pour, through the puddles and all. Of course with no shelter to walk through, we got just a LITTLE wet.

Do you want to hear more???

Inside the airport, we began to wonder if our luggage would ever come. It did and just a little wet! When it finally arrived we remembered them saying about us picking up our bags, the ones we had given them upon our departure. Others were asking too and one girl said she would go and check, but we never saw her again. Finally, Dad went one place and I another and they came. We hurried towards the exit AS WAS everyone else. It was - - well I don't think there is a word to describe it; everyone, with their luggage hanging off of the side of their carts, running into everyone else. After making our way to the door,(pushing our luggage cart the way men drive their “tap-taps” [taxi’s] in Port!) a Haitian man that we recognized held up a piece of paper that read “Peavey”. He said, “Jack is waiting for you”. Poor Jack and Russ had been waiting all this time out there in the wind and rain. It must have been at least two hours, as we left the States 45 minutes late.

We didn't go home to EGO because the traffic was horrible. It must have been at least a ½ hour before we could even get out of the parking lot and then it was so bad in the streets that they steered us in the opposite direction........must I say any more???
The phones kept ringing as they had dinner ready for us and were wondering when we were coming. Bless their hearts.

But, we finally made it. God is good and so was the meal for four hungry people. We plan to leave early in the morning. Russ and Sherrie will be going up too and will spend Christmas there. We are so looking forward to that and also to be home again.

Thanks for your prayers!