Thursday, March 11, 2010

pictures of Ruben's wedding

Ruben Alphonse's wedding and other news...


Tchweebbee & Ruben's Wedding
Eglise Bon Berger Des Cayes

The best man didn’t show! He was to bring the suit for Ruben. He was a little beside himself but within two days, after much searching, he was able to have one made. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful church for two beautiful people that God ordained to join together. ---Now for a place for them to live!!!
The trip to Cayes was long--a 5 hour drive - all the way through Port au Prince and a long way out where there were fallen buildings and then hundreds of little tent cities. Some had been given by different organizations and some made with sheets or whatever could be found and then when it rains… they have anything to sleep on?…and the list goes on. So very heart wrenching.

After 5 days away we were certainly happy to return home. We never cease to give thanks for our bed and all the comforts we have. Waiting for us were Dr. Deb, Dr. Laurie with her family and friend. It was good to see them again along with all their stories.

Dad has several projects going. For the second stage of the school, the foundation is in and the columns up and we'll soon be laying blocks. We will also be digging the foundation for the addition to the little house by the clinic. We're beginning another little house on another small piece of property given to EGO. And then there are so many other things that are waiting to be finished!

News flash…well not what you think. Monday on the way back home we stopped in St Marc only to find the papers had to be sent back to Port again. Tuesday, more complications--now the "Bill of Lading" has been "misplaced"--I have a copy but they must look for the original! Only God knows!

Do you remember Fi Fi? (Fifi used to work for us, her husband ran around on her, gave her AIDS and now she is taking care of her grandchildren because her daughter died.) She talked to me this morning. She brought her six children from Port. She is staying on someone’s porch in Dessalines and now they want the space. I told her we would pray and see what God would have us do. She does have a small lot and had bought some galvanized sheeting but didn’t think she had enough. We were also just asked this morning if we could take in a baby that the mother died giving birth…..

Will work to keep you updated!

Don and Doris

Editor's Notes: Prayer Requests--One, there are now a total of 3 cargo containers in St. Marc destined for EGO that are being held up in customs. Please pray for correct and accepted paperwork and all the loopholes to be filled! Two--please pray for strength and health for Don and Doris as they are very tired--there have been extra people and teams (all of which have been a help!), so much traveling back and forth, and the weight of the projects they want to finish. Three--We have purchased another 15-passenger van, very nice. The upgrades to make it "Haiti-proof" are underway and then it will be transported to Haiti--another item through customs! Please pray for the entire process.

Thank you for all your prayer support as well as your gifts that help us maintain this ministry!

Monday, March 1, 2010

and... the "container saga" continues still.

Well, today all of the paperwork was supposed to be done and ready for us to pick up the long awaited container. This time we called St. Marc to see if it was indeed ready. We were told that all the paperwork was there. Rueben, Stue and I all went in only to find out that the only man to yet sign off on the papers didn't show up for work today. We talked to the mayor and even though he says it should be ready tomorrow, we'll wait until Fri. Steve just called this afternoon to say that the other two containers were shipped and will arrive this Friday. The paperwork is supposed to be finished already for customs and they are supposed to be released and delivered Friday. As you can see, Friday looks like a really big day!!! We've been working on the 9 buckets and 4 boxes that just found their way to us after a year. We've given clothing out to the little ones and this evening after school we will get the older ones. The shoes.... really good ones, it's been a long time since we've had good shoes here. It is surely wonderful. And the vitamins we asked for... here they are. Imagine the people we can affect with the containers? I can hardly wait!

Dad goes over to the school everyday and makes a mold by hand to pour columns and posts. Very tedious and physical work. I know that he could really use help but until God brings someone here to help him we must go on as we are, trusting God for strength and wisdom.

Thanks for your continuous care and prayers.
God Bless,
Don and Doris Peavey

Saturday Update:

Just thought I'd give a brief update on the container. I know you probably weren't holding your breath, neither were we, just hoping. Friday we called and guess what?! The Mayor went to Port-au-Prince, won't be back until Mon... but certain to be done Monday Then we got a call later, "Make that Tuesday." The other two containers should be ready to go Wednesday...... Have a wonderful Lord's day. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! God Bless, Don & Doris Peavey