Friday, April 29, 2011

Week of April 17th, 2011

Monday, 18: THE BIG POUR
Besides our own boys, Ruben hired thirty-five more fellows to pour concrete. It had taken quite a while to prepare. (That's why it did not happen last Saturday.) Dad was up at 4:00 and as usual made a big pot of coffee. Everyone had bread along with prayer before starting the big task. It was a long day and everyone was very tired at the end of the day--Dad went over before 6:00am and did not return until after 6:00pm. This is not anything I would like to see him do again. Appreciate your prayers!

Tuesday, 19:
Three of our older fellows went to Pignon to pick up the musical instruments we had been waiting for. Another long day since the road is not the greatest. We were happy to see them come in with the boxes full of different kinds of instruments.

Wednesday, 20:
All the younger children except the babies (their time will come, you know how that goes!) went on an outing, since next week they‘ll be starting school, along with some of our "grandchildren. They went to the beach. It always takes a day of preparation, clothing--matching shirts of course--making sandwiches, baking cookies, drinks, packing up balls and frisbees.

Thursday 21:
This was the day at the beach for the teens. This was the first time we did not not go along. John, who has studied for the ministry, held devotion for them, with highlights on Purity and Holiness that they had studied with the pastor’s wife from Michigan. They all had a great day bathing and playing in the Caribbean.

Friday 22:
Dad and the Kids cleaned up the yard. Then they prepared for the film to be shown in the evening. The DVD was "Lespwa" (Hope) and was in Creole, brought by a friend that came with a team. It was very well done.
Some of the youth walked up and down our street singing and inviting everyone to the Revival Meetings that will start Easter Sunday going through May 1.

Saturday 23, AM:
Enock had called me several times in the night, but my phone was charging in the other room and I did not hear it right away. He could not urinate and was really suffering, not only from that but he had shingles too. He is the one that has MS. I did some calling around, getting ahole of Cileomen (one I had delivered 38 years ago-- her father worked for Dad way back when….now a nurse in the hospital and has helped Dad and myself many times). Eric picked her up around 4:00am. What a girl! She catherized him and then gave him an IV. He was not drinking. Throughout the day the older girls would keep me informed--once Talante came. Later Rosina said his breathing was shallow. I went out to the dorm, knelt down beside him. Eric had already gone to pick up Cileomen. I tried to find a pulse. N O N E. No one could believe it. While they were locating the family, Ruben and Tchweebbee came with Pastor Steve Saintus to hold the revival in the Tabernacle. It was good to see him but there just were not any words as we walked back over to the house (Steve broke the silence, “I have never seen so many stars in one place”) to eat the meal Rode had prepared. After they were all settled in the Guest House, the car came to pick up the body. One thing we know for sure--he does not have to rely on someone to push him around in a wheel chair or help him with him daily needs. I can just see him walking and dancing before the Throne of God! Tears seem to choke me up thinking about little incidents. He will certainly be missed. He was such a great help to Rachelle for the school--he had a desk in the office and kept track of many important things for us. AND TOMORROW IS EASTER SUNDAY!

May I say we had a great Day in the morning and evening Services! Duckenson was able to come for one day only. We were so blessed as he was there to lead the Praise and Worship services. Pastor Steve Preached down Holy Ghost fire. People were saved, healed and delivered of many things. The rest of the week we are believing for greater things to happen in the Lord. Praise God!

Please keep uplifting us in your prayers.
Blessings, Blessing, Blessings,
Don & Doris

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don & Doris are in the news! April 2011

Don and Doris were interviewed by Haitian journalists, and the story ran on page 2 in Haiti's newspaper! Here is the link to the story:

(the story is translated here in English!)

Without fanfare, The Peavey Foundation, dating back over 40 years and led by the American missionary couple Donald and Doris Peavey worked for the welfare of underprivileged children in the town, Marchand Dessalines, North Haiti, 147 km from Port-au-Prince.

By Christian Jr. Desrameaux

Peavey Foundation performs a colossal work in the first capital of Haiti, but the work of an octogenarian couple Donald and Doris seldom has any limelight on the national or international stage. Without a doubt, these devout Christians who have "an abiding faith in the mission that the Lord had entrusted to them,” maintain the principle of Christianity (that says) the left hand does not know what the right hand gives.

The property of the Foundation spans more than four (4) acres of land and houses a church, a primary school, dormitories for the children of the orphanage, ponds for fish farming, a non-regulatory soccer field, clinic open to the public, plots reserved for farming and gardening and houses for the guests. The orphanage has 56 children and more than 200 students are enrolled at the foundation’s school.

Given the advanced age of the pioneers nicknamed "Mom" (Doris) and "Dad" (Donald), the Peavey Foundation is administered by Ruben Alfonse who was raised at the orphanage with his twin sister Rachel. With a smile, "Mom" introduced Rode, 37, as the first adopted child to the orphanage. She (Rode) is married with two children, but she still maintains a deep connection with the Peaveys who have 4 children from their marriage.

Desiring to help, the Peaveys arrived in Haiti in 1979 with the idea of founding an orphanage, remembers Doris. After visiting several cities across the country, they stopped in Marchand and built the first building. Over the years, The Peavey Foundation increased its facilities, thanks to the efforts of the inexhaustible couple. "Dad" wears all the hats of gardener, bricklayer, builder, etc.

Receiving no substantial assistance, the Foundation works with a restrictive budget barely able to cover all expenses. "Mom" (attributes to) divine providence saying that God always takes care of her children wherever they go. "We benefit from the help of churches and occasionally from some individuals," states Ruben Alfonse.

The Foundation does not stop there. "Dad" told HPN that once the construction of the school infrastructure (is completed), he wants to create a woodworking shop to give work to people of Dessalines and to manufacture cabinets at discounted prices.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 2011 Update

News bulletin!

We believe this morning Haiti is blessed to have a new President! Before Michel Martelly won the election, there were many questions about his conduct. But the other day when he attended a Church that was holding a Fast, he told his body guards to come down off the platform and sit down, saying “the platform is for pastors.” He knelt down and asked for prayer and asked forgiveness for the way he had been. We got so blessed when we heard this. “I cannot change this
country—only God can,” he said. WOW! THANK YOU JESUS! Many people have been praying for this country and it has been prophesied there would be a great spiritual awakening in Haiti . PTL!

President-elect Martelly has also pledged to have free schooling. He said, “There is money here somewhere, and I will find it.” Our School has been struggling and in such need of this kind of program. The School is having difficulty paying the teachers, as many of the children cannot pay their tuition. Rachelle does not want to send them home. She says, “How are they going to learn sitting at home?!”

As Haiti makes it’s transition, EGO wants to follow suit. Easter Sunday through the following Sunday we will be having special services with Pastor Steve Saintus from Georgia . We are believing God for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Tabernacle—for EGO as well as up and down our road of voodoo and the whole down of Dessalines. Please, will you pray and believe with us? We believe God, for He is faithful, and believe if we humble ourselves as did our new President we will see results.

The past couple of weeks Don and the boys have been working hard preparing the forms on the school wing so that the concrete floor/ceiling can be poured this Saturday. Before then, the “bull float” (concrete finisher) needs to be picked up at FOHO, as they are graciously allowing us to use it.

The children will be going to the beach, when we can find a slot in the busy schedule. The musical instruments have arrived up in Pignon. The roads are not very good going up there but we will be going soon to pick them up—guitars, drums, a clarinet, alto sax, flute, trumpet, music stands, books, reeds and all accessories for these instruments! We are so blessed, thank you Lonnie Ott, Liana Valente, and all others who made this possible! Along with dealing with everyday family situation here and making sure there is enough food to feed the hungry mouths, you can be sure we’ll find the time to go pick them up!

We praise God that the Mangos are in season, full of vitamin A & C. We rarely see much sickness during this season. Also we are trying to find the price of another cow as someone has volunteered to buy one for us. This will help get us back where we use to be years ago, when we could supply the milk for the children’s needs. Today one can of powered full-cream milk costs around $30 U.S.

We want to say thanks to Ken & Marla’s team for all the help they gave while here.
We were just so sorry that the team leaders could not come due to Ken’s health problems. He was diagnosed as having cancer just before departure time. This certainly was a shock. Everyone that knew about it went to prayer on Ken’s behalf—and the next testing he had showed there was no cancer…. Now was that not a direct answer to prayer? We are all praising God! Yes, again He is FAITHFUL.

We want to thank all of you precious loved ones for being faithful in your giving also. Please remember EGO in your prayers—our young people, and we might add, Mom &
Dad too. We’re not quite as young as we used to be! May God Bless Each one of you for all you do for this mission. We remember so many of you that have given from the very beginning.
With much Love,
Don & Doris
“I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,
Says the LORD ALMIGHTLY” 2 Cor. 6:18