Monday, September 14, 2009

It's like pulling teeth...

Pulling teeth is very serious business but Dennison was quite the little man.

Ti-John's broken wrist...

an update from Doris:

"Ti John fell from the tree (which, by the way, he had been told hundreds of time not to climb!) and they brought him up to the house, his hand "humped" upon his wrist. I had Dad hold his upper arm and I jerked on his hand and it went in place. Holding it with my thumb and fingers while someone got me a nice painted board (which, by the way, I had just found on the ground the day before and had brought it up on the porch thinking it was too good to leave laying around). Gave his wrist to dad to hold. I went in the bathroom where only the day before I had cleaned out the cupboards in the bathroom and put all the gauze together in a drawer. (I cried there alone with God thanking Him for inserting in my spirit to do that little organizing job and feeling Blessed that I had listened to His direction.)
I went back out and splinted his arm on the board (which, by the way, was exactly the right length!). Okay now for a sling...I went in Brian's room opened the drawer, and told the Lord I needed a "birdeye diaper". The first ones were doubled and the only other ones in the drawer were..............birdeye...... Thanking Jesus again! Gave him some Ibuprofen and asked Ruben if he would please take him to get an x-ray. They spent most of the day at the hospital (editor's note: from an American perspective, things in Haitan hospitals tend to be done on "Haitian time"! A little slower than our hospitals in the states!) only to hear them say "take him to Gonaives". The x-rays showed that both the bones in his wrist were not only broken, but splintered. The next day they took him to Gonaives only to hear they couldn't do anything until next week. Monday, good ole Joceline took him in put him right on IVs and yesterday they did surgery. A Cuban Doctor was there along with Ke Ke Victels' son interning, so that was nice."

(editor's note: The photo is one of Ti-John taken in May, 2009. By the way, in Creole, the insertion of "ti" before a name or word means "little". When Ti-John was brought to E.G.O. as a baby there was already a "John", so he became "Ti-John"... a.k.a. "little John"!)

Rode's new baby (Don's namesake!)

Recently Don & Doris picked up Rode and little two-month-old Donald from the airport. With both of her pregnancies she has struggled with gestational diabetes, this time resulting in an extended stay in the United States for her & the baby's safety. Melissa (Rode & her husband, Petion's oldest child) and the baby are both very large for their age. According to Doris, at only 2 months old, Donald looks like he should be about four months old! Rode was as happy to finally be home as everyone was to have her!
(this is a photo of Melissa holding her new baby brother!)


Baby Donald Edward was named after Rode's "father in the Lord", Don Peavey! What a special blessing!

Outing to the mountains...

As some of you may have already read in the monthly newsletter, a group of 15 youth from the orphanage went on a work/pleasure outing to the mountains for a couple of days. Ruben and the boys painted the galvanized roof on Don & Doris's cabin. The group stayed the night at the cabin and then left early the next morning, traveling through Cap Haitian and on up to the Citadel (a historical landmark in Haiti recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site). What an awesome opportunity for the youth to get to experience some of their country's history firsthand! Following are photos from the trip:

...fifteen youth, some squeezed in the cab, others on the back of a flat-bed truck that a mission loaned us, we headed up the mountain.


The Citadel

Sunday, September 13, 2009


a recent update from Doris:

Yesterday a big vehicle drove in the yard. I couldn’t find Ruben so I called him on his phone. "What kind of a car?" "White with Red writing on the side." Then it disappeared out of my site. In just a bit it returned and Ruben came bouncing up the steps into the house. "Something else has opened up!", He said, beaming. "'Save the Children' in town has something they want to give us. SEVEN, 100 pound bags of rice!" Well, if you know me I shouted and said, "Thank You, JESUS!" After they finished unloading the rice, Ruben came back upstairs. I was so tickled I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big hug. Do you understand how much that was an answer to prayer?? God is so good! Praise, Praise, Praise!