Thursday, October 15, 2015

Time Flies!

October 2015
Wow, is it really Fall already? Here in Haiti the months fly by and you really don’t see the
changing of the seasons like we did in Michigan so it’s easy to go three or four months and not
notice much of a change--especially this year when we really did not have a rainy season at all.
We had a very dry summer and fall for all the farmers and very little produce to bring in. EGO’s
own 2 acres of corn only produced two- 100 pound bags of shelled corn. It is so very sad for
those who have no other means of income, yet we are so very grateful for the Lord’s provisions
here at EGO.

Another Praise and update: IMP received enough funds to pay the teachers and close the
school year in the black. Thanks to all who gave so generously this summer to make this
happen. The new school year has begun and we have posted pictures of the 1st day of school
on our Facebook and website locations. Make sure to check us out on a weekly basis for any
updates and happenings.

The Haitian government continues to make changes pertaining to child care here in Haiti.
Because of those changes EGO is growing in numbers. We currently have five of our over-18
year-olds living away from the orphanage, but are continuing to be sponsored and their
housing, food, and education is still continuing to be paid for by you, our sponsors. The last two
girls to turn 18 were Elisemene and Bel-Ange. Both of these girls worked very hard to maintain
a high grade in school, along with working at EGO in the after-school hours. EGO has joined
with Orphans to World Changers and in August we were able to see both of these girls travel to
the US to begin a five-year student visa program. We are very excited to see what the Lord has
in store for them upon their completion of education and re-entry back to Haiti.

One of the other changes Haiti is making is that in the year 2026 they would like to eliminate
orphanages and go strictly with Foster families. To this end, EGO is beginning the next phase of
EGO to provide Family Unit Housing (FUH) for all of our children. The FUH project will take
approximately two years and began this October. The total cost is $300,000 US, but when
broken down by house at $30,000, it is not so bad. The costs to build this house include the
septic and drain field, footers, foundation, cement block exterior walls, steel rafters and roof,
interior walls, windows, plumbing, electrical, paint and kitchen cabinets (I’m sure I am
forgetting something, but you get the picture). Additional funds might be needed to build
furniture, new bunk beds, and tile the floors and bathroom. Each FUH will have a live-in nanny
and seven to eight children per house. We are very excited as we start this next adventure and
pray many of you will be able to gather funds and/or come build a house alongside us.

I John 4:19 says “We love because He first loved us.” Our daily prayer should be “Lord help me
find ways to show your love today, wherever I am, and with whoever I encounter.”

Ken & Marla Drowley
Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage

Editor’s Note: ​Thank you all for your faithfulness to this ministry! God is and has always been
Faithful and, as you walk in obedience, He continues to supply our needs. As always, you may
contact the home office with any concerns/questions at: 616-550-3469, or by email at . Donations may be made through our website at or by mail at 1726 Gun Club Rd, Caro MI 48723.