Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 4, 2014

Summer vacation is upon us and report cards have been handed out. We have some pretty amazing children here at EGO. Marla had the chance to sit down with all of them and go over their report cards and talk with them about next year. (Of course, suckers were handed out to those who passed!)

Samantha is here on a summer internship and helping out at the clinic and with the teens. Saturday, July 5th starts the first day of their bakery. Samantha has been teaching the teens (12-17 year olds) how to handle money, what it takes to start a business, advertising, taking orders, selling, etc. She is doing an amazing job and it will be exciting to see which of the children grabs onto this opportunity for their future.

Max had an opportunity to travel to Florida and spend 15 days volunteering with Missionary Flights International. He loved his time there and was given the opportunity to fly a plane with one of the instructors from town. He had the privilege of staying with Larry Campbell and his wife and they said they would love to have him back again. Max is looking forward to it.

Ken has been busy in the shop working on various projects, one being a complete kitchen cabinet job for another orphanage in Pignon. He is grateful for the experience to teach the boys and girls.

Changes taking place around EGO:

  • Playscape divided into four sections – two sections taken to the school yard, one sectionmoved to the baby dorm, and the last section moved back under the trees for more shade.
  • Baby dorm bathroom progressing.
  • Kitchen cabinets made by the teen boys and Ken for another orphanage in Pignon.
  • Wisley turned 18 and moved out to the boys’ house in Port-au-Prince. (see photo of the amoire he made to take with him!)
  • New security guards for the summer.
  • Summer school for the ones who were unable to pass their class.
Prayer requests and needs:
  • Talante is pregnant again, but having a difficult time. We are looking for a nurse or doctor to volunteer for Aug-Dec of this year.
  • New budget for EGO due to ongoing cost increases and new government regulations, such as a recent one which nearly doubled the minimum wage for our workers. We are needing to increase the number of sponsors per child. If you know of anyone wanting to sponsor a child for $40 or $60 per month, please have them check out the website at http://ebenezerglennorphanage.org/#/get-involved
  • Needing to raise funds for the school to finish out the year in the black, approximately $8,000 US will help to finish paying the staff and bills.
  • Sponsorship for our over-18-year-olds. Continue to pray for foster families to rise up and take these teens in, while they continue their education.
  • Doris and Don are feeling better and were able to spend some time with friends.
  • Dahicha had adenoid surgery and is on the road to recovery.
  • Marla got a chance to travel back to Michigan for a family reunion.
  • Safety and protection during many hours driving on the roads back and forth throughout the country.

Continuing the work the Lord has called us to do, we thank you for your faithfulness and obedience in prayer and giving.
Drowleys – Ken, Marla, Samantha & Max

Editor’s Note—If you have any questions about our financial needs or projects, etc., please call our office at 616-550-3469, or email Gwen at ego2haiti@gmail.com. Our website has many more pictures and information for donating electronically for your convenience. We appreciate you!