Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EGO Update—1/18/2011

Hello Everyone!
Don and I are home safe and sound—Praise the Lord! God has been so good to bring us back here to where our hearts have beat as one with His for nearly 40 years now!

Our missionary flight left Fort Pierce about 7:15 am Thursday, the 6th. We made two short stops to the Bahamas and Cap-Haitian before landing in Port-au-Prince . We had a near excellent trip until the short flight from Cap-Haitian to Port-au-Prince . The excessive turbulence caused Don and I to literally believe Eph. 5:31—we truly became “like one flesh!” We felt a little sorry for Pastor Steve who sat behind us, alone. But I am sure he was praying as we were.

We got to Port-au-Prince about 12:30 pm. After we had collected our belongings, we were stopped by Customs, demanding we pay taxes on the printer we brought--$52 US dollars! Pastor Steve was kind enough to help us with some of that fee. (EGO really needs its NGO & Franchise status soon!) When we exited the airport, Rueben, Watson and Jean Sony were already waiting. They had been at the airport since 9:00 am. (God bless them!) The trip to Dessalines was much better than the flight from Cap-Haitian. Much work has been done on the road, and traffic was kind!

Dad worked all day Friday unpacking and putting little things together for the children's Christmas gifts, making sure some were trick ones, wrapping and bagging them for Saturday night! Missing Christmas day with the children of EGO did not take away their expectations when we returned. Thus, the house was filled with joy, laughter, and singing. The children were so thankful for the gifts they received. It was Christmas in January! Thank you so much to all of our contributors who brought laughter to the faces of these precious ones. You've done a good thing for the Lord!

Then came Sunday morning and oh, what a service we had! It felt as if we were accompanied by an angelic choir! I am not sure anyone wanted the service to end! The word of God fell on us like fresh manna from heaven. People responded with joy, laughter, and many "amen's" were heard. Even I was filled with hope anew! The youth, in particular, heard an extremely powerful and positive message about the many possibilities they have if they "remain in God's hands."

Pastor Steve preached from Jeremiah 18:1-6. He spoke of how the hope of the Jewish people was so low when their lives were shattered as they were taken into captivity, and their temple was destroyed. They were so devastated that they had refused to worship or sing, but God, in His infinite grace, told Jeremiah to go the potter's house.

"We are the clay in the potter's (God) hands," said Pastor Steve. "While Jeremiah saw clay or 'mud', God saw a beautiful vessel.” Pastor explained to the young people that their circumstances—being orphans—is a prescription that often leads to destruction. However, if they remain in God's hands, He will make them over, give them a second chance! "There are people whose job is to put us down, discourage us, hurt us with destructive words, for in their eyes we are just 'mud' or dirt. But we must always remember that we are a work in progress. God is not done with us! We must keep our heads up, for it is not who or what we were, or currently are, but what we are capable of becoming! It is neither where we've been nor where we are that counts, but it is where we're going! But we must remain in the hands of God," Then Pastor Steve concluded with encouragement to the youth, "There are many doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and even journalists in our midst!" he proclaimed! At that, Amos, among others, stood up with great rejoicing!

Pastor Steve has been such a help with the children, particularly the older ones. He has talked with them about attitudes, gone to schools to learn and speak on behalf of a couple of them. The Department of Social Affairs also visited while he was here and he helped explain to me what their questions were. We’ve just taken in another new baby and are trying to put in place all the people and paperwork needed to change the orphanage status to a “foundation”. We would appreciate your prayers for this endeavor.

Please continue to pray for our children, who are in this growing process, as they are being made into something "good" by the Lord. We would like to see them reach the potential God has given them.

P.S.—January 12th—A year ago today it happened. In the empty lot where FOHO once stood, we were blessed to attend the memorial celebration of those who died and were laid to rest there in the FOHO yard after the earthquake. It was so nice to see and visit with all of the families that flew in for the occasion. All the churches around Port au Prince were full and overflowing as memorial services were held. Just passing by, you could hear singing and praises to the Lord. The people of Haiti are strong, and so resilient, in spite of their circumstances. And God is not finished here! He is still raising up champions for Christ and changing a nation, one person, one child, at a time!

Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you,

Don and Doris.

update 1/19/2011

The yard is full of UN people two big tanks and car - two box trucks carrying
food from WORLD VISION...... World vision does not give to orphanages any more.
Of course that doesn't make us feel too happy. But at least we can provide a
secure place for them to give it out to the needy.
Two of the UN leaders came up to see us. One spoke English and asked,"What is
this place?". No one had seem to be able to tell them.... So I gave them a
Brochure. Oh he said, "this is just what I need!" He wanted his picture taken
with Dad and I - just for memories sake, toured the place by themselves while
the others stood guard over the food as World vision distributed to those that
have cards. It takes 5 or 6 hours to give out the food. Much control in need
constantly...The UN fellows are from Argentina, just new in the country that
replaced others that had been here 9 months.

Just asked if they knew where we could find a crane to take the container off
the trailer so we can position it beside the other one that is already there and
the owner of the trailer can haul it away to make room for the container that is
coming. Thanks for all you help and prayers.

Asking for Prayer! They are building a Mosque back behind EGO's Property.