Sunday, July 8, 2012

To our Friends and Loved Ones,

Wednesday, May 24th, on our way to the airport to fly out of Port-au-Prince, the traffic was horrendous with four lanes trying to go one way in a two lane street. We were held up for almost an hour trying to get into the right lane, move a couple of feet and other times just sitting. Everyone was getting desperate. Realizing that we were nearing our flight departure time, we prayed, as we have done so many times before, “Lord, please make a way where there is no way and give us wisdom to know which lane to try for.”

Finally we could see the traffic light but everyone was going to the left. “Don, we can’t go left—we must go straight through to get to the airport!” As we edged over to the right there seemed to be a space that opened so we quickly moved over but we couldn’t get across the intersection, even when the light turned green as the cars were bumper to bumper crossing in front of us. Not knowing what to do next, we watched as up on the right across the intersection (right where we had to go!) was a violent crowd of demonstrators. All of the sudden out of nowhere, a policeman appeared and motioned for us to follow him but we were already up to the intersection where the traffic was so dense we couldn’t get across and no one was stopping to let is through! We watched as he walked up in front of the traffic and motioned for them to stop. One at a time they stopped. While this was going on, another policeman came up to the car. We asked, “Will we be able to get through to go to the airport?” He said, “Yes”, with a very pleasant look on his face. (It looked totally impossible to us.) They walked in front of us, one officer on the left and one on the right working together to stop the cars. Then, there was the crowd of angry demonstrators that weren’t allowing anyone to pass. The policemen literally pushed the people out of the way and every time they made a little progress they would motion for us to advance and stay right behind them. AND THAT WE DID! This continued until we were able to push through the crowd while they were banging on the car with fists or anything they had in their hands. We never got hurt nor was the car damaged. PTL! But one more time, Praise God! He made a way where there was no way! Thank you Jesus! We were just a little shook up, though!) A huge line of traffic heading away from the airport was still waiting. Praising God for opening up the way, we had clear sailing! Even though those policemen were directly in front of us, we have no idea where they went or what happened to them but thank our God for sending us His “angels” to help us in our time of need.

We did catch our Flight on Missionary Flights International and arrived in the States safely. A sweet couple and their 3 darling little children were there to pick us up. Once more THANK YOU JESUS! How wonderful it was to see family again. We’ll be going to Michigan to attend our Brother in law’s Memorial at the old homestead. We have been anxious to be with my sister since his death. Bev and I have talked on the phone but it will be nice to be there and hug and cry and rejoice together.

These are pictures of Flag Day in Haiti.
The children gathered in our yard for prayer and the raising of the flag. All were given flags to wave as they lined up according to classes and walked down to the town square in Dessalines. I was amazed as even the two year olds made the trek! It was a beautiful site as they walked through the gate all in their blue uniforms,341 in all.

Many are asking how the school is doing. There have been, and always will be, difficulties whenever we undertake new ventures, but the one thing we want to make sure you know is that God is providing just as he always has and always will! June 29th there will be a kindergarten class graduating into the 1st grade, which is always beautiful and so cute to watch the little ones perform.

This summer we will be holding a special seminar on Child Care. A friend of Rachelles who has been helping out in our school for the last couple of years from Port au Prince, Professor Michelle will be teaching this class. They also will be taking their internship at the orphanage under her supervision. The invitation will be send out to all the churches. We trust this will be a great opportunity for those who love children and need to find work not only in Dessalines but also Port au Prince and else where.

Once more we are so thankful for all of you, your interest, your prayers and your financial help. Be Blessed of the Lord!

Standing in the Gap,
Don & Doris Peavey

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