Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 2011 newsletter

March 2011

Dear Friends,

We're praising God daily for good health, strength, wisdom and knowledge to continue the task He has set before us.

Because of government problems, a few teams have canceled but the work goes on and with God's help we are making progress. LaMar's team, a great team from Iowa, worked on the little house by the clinic which we call Guest House #3. It's looking good with windows and doors but is not yet finished inside. Richard Osborne is coming to put up a prefab house, which he sent over on the last container. He'll have lots of help bolting it together on the cement foundation.

We are now starting to work on the school wing again. When school is out this summer we'll have longer days to work. We are hoping and believing that a team will be coming in May to help us so we will have more classrooms. There is more work to do on the school toilet also. The government is making various requirements in many areas that we need to redo or improve to bring us up to protocol.

This is the dry season - not a blade of grass is to be found - which is very hard on our animals. Even though they receive peelings and a man often brings in a bundle of grass from the valley, it is hardly enough for all of them. The other day someone told me they saw two baby goats just born. One was with its mother and the other laying with its mouth full of dirt. They said, "it's dead." I picked up the lifeless little one, had someone hold it while I ran upstairs to make some milk. With much persistence and finally force, she began to swallow and within a few minutes she was trying to stand. We then put her beside her mother and she began to nurse only to find that the mother had no milk; meanwhile the other one was getting weaker. I pulled some mango leaves and gave them to the mother. I turned around and there was mama cow trying to reach some leaves also with her young calf trying to nurse, too. I reached for some more leaves and gave her as many as I could. I asked the next morning if the little ones were still alive and they were! Thank you, Jesus!

Ego's van is running good but we've had a problem with the Toyota. It has been under construction - the fan belt broke and the radiator blew. This all happened while we were still in the States. Ruben found brakes to be completely worn out. It is 11 years old so probably that's not too bad considering our roads. Ruben took it down where they knew how to replace the plastic pieces with metal in the radiator after we returned. Now it has new brake shoes and tires changed. It's good to go! We are still looking for a crane - never received an answer from the UN fellows. One of the first containers we received is still on the lo-boy waiting to be placed on the foundation like the other one was.

This afternoon the children washed the two-quart jars while the ladies prepared tomatoes from our garden to can. We have also been enjoying our beets, okra, beans, and eggplant. Of couse it was watered by the windmills running into the fish tanks, then into the garden. The dry season will soon be over - hopefully - then it will be time to plant corn. There is a problem with the front end of the tractor and it looks like we will be needing a certain gear to be able to plow. This didn't come at a good time.

Every night last week someone from the village has been rehearsing for a wedding. The church is beautifully decorated and while we write, the ceremony is going on.

Since Talante, our nurse, had her second baby in January, the clinic has not been in operation. Her doctor prescribed a three-month maternity leave for her. I used to be able to carry on for her but at this point in my life, there is just too much going on to be able to keep up. We are looking forward to her being back with us soon!

Prayer Requests:

Roselene (Ti Rose) The teachers in the country are not very faithful and come sporadically so Ruth has taken Ti Rose under her wing so she can have a place to stay while she takes lessons in Port au Prince. This will better prepare her to pass the Government exam which is very difficult especially when you don't know what to study. She has one more year after this before she graduates.

Eric has returned to help us with the boys since there is no work in Port au Prince. He has become a very dependable young man and is such a big help to Dad and in disciplining the older boys. Eric said he remembered that when he was here he never got away with what they do now. He has been a God-send. We really need your help and prayers with the adult children who are really trying to succeed in life.

Many needs: All of the roofs on the buildings at the orphanage, including the church, need painting. Some of the doors and screens need to be replaced. Cupboards are needed in all the dorms.

Thanks for all your prayers and your giving. We could not carry on without your help! We love you!

Be blessed of the Lord!

Don & Doris Peavey

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Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

Update letter from Don & Doris:

After the last team left we decided to go up the Mountain it had been over six
month since we had been up there.

We were there from Friday to Thursday. We didn’t intend on
staying that long but felt it necessary. For the first two days all we did was
sleep and rest, of course clean it up when we first came. Dad opened the door
while I was getting some things out of the van. He said, there is something
wrong with the floor but that’s okay you can walk on it.
So I laid my things down picked up the broom and walked across the room. A huge
popping sound - I thought I was going through the floor! The tile had heaved.
Didn’t know if it was a tree root under the house or just what. It had been
raining and the house was so muddy from tracking in nothing to wipe your feet on…… want to hear anymore? The door would hardly open so we could
slide through and it became worse so Dad had to take up some tile. Many were
loose and the more we walked the worse it became. At this point we’ve taken up
31 and many more are loose….. Believe it was because of the sun coming in the
window in the afternoon. We had decided not to cover the windows since the
break-in a few years ago. We found if they tried to look in and found nothing
they wouldn’t break in.
Brought lots of food. Huge cooler of ice. Rueben and Hilliare came up Monday
with the Toyota and changed with us as they had to pick up people at the airport
with the van. The Toyota has been under {construction} the fan belt broke and
the radiator blew. This all happened while we were still in the States. He found
the brakes were completely worn out. It’s 11 years old. Rueben took it down
where they knew how to replace the plastic pieces with metal in the radiator
after we returned and had new brake shoes put on.

This was the first time we had used it and Rueben wanted to have the tires
changed before he brought it up to us. They arrived around 11:00. I Asked if
they were hungry. Ruben swirled around embarrassed as he said no, but we could
eat before we leave…. We had a good time talking. Also they along with Swe (the
young man who looks after our place when he is there, went over and talked with
the fellow that cut down some of our trees and promised him that if there was a
next time he would be put in prison. Later took some tooth brushes and paste
over to them.
We had a good time talking as they sat down to our little card table (dressed
up as much as possible) to a little meal we prepared. (sorry no picture of the
boys maybe next time.)
They returned with the heavy things like the empty barrel we brought water in
and the huge cooler etc. When they left with tear coming in my eyes, I said Dad, It’s nice to be so very cared for.

Even though it was very cold and damp and only a card table and straight chairs
to sit on, oh and a two burner gas plate Dad bought for us when we first came to
Haiti we had a great time - wonderful time in the Lord as he spoke to our
hearts. Also he has given us (me) strength to go on and the ability to stand up
to some existing problems.
We are always so blessed up there.
May God Bless all of you.