Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update February 13, 2011

I guess I've been a little negligent…things have been going so fast here! Probably many of you have not heard that the container arrived after much expectancy. We were so blessed, as was the Dessalines hospital and FM Church in Port-au-Prince . Russ and Sherrie Cole also received some things in the container. The solar panels were in there, and we are expecting to have them up perhaps this summer. We also received clothes, food, beans, corn, etc. Even the kitchen stove!

We have a team here now that has been a great help to us. They have poured the slab for the little prefab house that came through the Osborne's. They poured the floor for the school’s toilet and now are cementing in the posts to hold up the porch down at the little house, and numerous other things. In pulling out my old stove they asked if it had been on fire! “No.” Well, the side of the cupboards is all burned along with the side of the stove. Wow, I didn't know that! I do know the rubber around the door has been gone for a long time. Sometimes I would prop up a ball-bat to hold it closed which didn't help too much. So maybe it was good that for a while we couldn't use the oven at all. (They asked how long we had the stove. Thinking....this is the second one we’ve had since we lived downstairs…maybe 1974?) When we returned from the States this time we couldn't make the pilot work even after brushing and brushing, the pilots would not light. I was glad we could use the stove, but when preparing a meal, we would have to use matches. The knobs were a little hard to turn and would go out in trying to turn the fire down. If you know me, it got to be a little frustrating having to light a match so many times, especially when I hate to waste them. So the team members hooked up the new stove. Thanks Brian and Heidi, so much for purchasing it for us. The stove was so bright and nice. Preparing breakfast the next morning, I turned on the burner and it came right on - I cried -- and said, “THANK YOU JESUS!” We are still thrilled! God is so very good to us.

We also Praise the Lord for all the things LaMar's team from Iowa brought in with them. Nice usable clothes, toys, school supplies and some Meds. Thank you everyone!

God’s blessings to you,
Don & Doris