Monday, January 13, 2014

Wrapping up 2013

Happy New Year 2014

It has been an amazing two months since we last wrote.  The children have gotten into the swing of being back in school, and EGO celebrated 21 years of education on December 13th. 
 Do you realize how many children have come through during that time? Continue to pray for the school as they work with many families who start the school year, but then are unable to pay the tuition necessary to keep their child(ren) in school.

During the month of November, one of our special needs babies, Saraphina, stopped breathing and had to be in the hospital for twelve days. Three days were in Dessalines and the rest were in a pediatric hospital in Port-au-Prince.  Thank you to those of you who stepped forward to help provide for her medical needs during that time. EGO now has a mini oxygen tank on hand for emergencies. Continue to pray for little Saraphina as she fights each day to stay alive. *We are still seeking a miracle that would allow her to get to the US for surgery to repair the hole in her heart.*

Also during November, we had a couple of wonderful teams here at EGO that worked tirelessly to help get some projects completed.  Many thanks to all who came and labored on the boys bathroom and front porch, through the heat. 

We have a new Facebook page called Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. Please make sure to check us out and give us a “like”.  You may also continue to use our website as well for updates:
December came so quickly and in only a few short days toy trucks and treasure boxes were made for the children for Christmas.  A big thanks to the Merrill family who came and helped to paint and put together the push go-cart that the kids play with for hours every day! Christmas morning was beautiful with the sun shining and the children all bathed and dressed for opening presents.  We spent time reading about the birth of Christ and talking about how the gift God sent of His Son was the best gift of all.
In 2012, the Social Affairs Dept. in Haiti, called IBESR, started requiring orphanages to hold strictly to keeping 0-18 year old children. As of January 1, 2014, Ebenezer Glenn no longer has any child over the age of 18 that is not an employee. We are in the process of establishing a transition house in Port-au-Prince for future teens who need to leave EGO, but still need further education. The cost of this transition is $2,600 (US) per teen. Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to help in this area. If you are sponsoring one of these teens, your support will still continue to go toward their education and/or food allowance.

The year 2014 brings with it many challenges and changes for EGO. Our vision for continued improvements and training is moving forward. We have been blessed time and again when you listen to God’s call to either come and provide labor, or send support to keep EGO running on a day-to-day basis. The children are growing not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well, because of your generosity.  Thank you!

Serving where He has called,
The Drowleys (Ken, Marla & Max)

Editor’s Note:  Online donations may be made on our website.
Thank you for all you do! 
Gwen Schmidt, EGO Admin
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