Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grinding the corn...

These are some photos of the boys grinding the corn. It is ground into cornmeal and then winowed, separating the chaf (which goes to the animals) from the cornmeal and the flour. The cornflour is made into what we would call a "pudding" for the children and the cornmeal is used in a variety of Haitian dishes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

safe crossings...

Here are a couple photos of the children crossing the road. In the first one you can see the children holding hands with their "buddy" before crossing. The second is a photo of the new safety equipment for crossing the road. A safety vest and a STOP sign.


Here are some photos of our school lunches. Some of the food was provided by the FOOD FOR THE POOR organization.

more school photos...

This is a photo of the older children crossing the street to the new school!

Here are some photos of the kids in the morning all gathered together at the flagpoles to sing the Haitian National Anthem.


The school year has started and our new school is finally open! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students are in the new school, which is located across the road from the main EGO campus. The preschoolers and 1st grade students are in the original 3 rooms that Don previously built on the main campus. Miralene’s classes will begin on October 12th.

All of the children meet together in the morning at the flag poles to sing Haiti's National Anthem before school. Then the older children must cross the road to get to the new school. If any of you have experienced the traffic in Haiti you can understand the dillema here. Pedestrians most definitely DO NOT have the "right of way" in Haiti. Therefore, Cile held two red cones to stop the traffic while the children crossed.

When the offical inspectors came to inspect the new school, they asked where the toilets were located. Well… they are yet to be built. So, for now, the students will be using the toilets at the Tabernacle. I guess the inspectors were pleased with that answer, for a while anyway. You know that Don was very tired or should say "is" very tired. Coordinating the building of a school is a big responsibility for a young man of 77!

We are so pleased that Rachelle Alphonse, one of our triplets, is now the school administrator. So the first day of school was a busy one for her! The room under our house (previously used as a classroom) has been turned into her office.

Next year we are looking forward to purchasing our own original material for uniforms. This can be done here at Arcra, where they make uniform material for all the schools in Haiti. A large sum of money is required for this, but ensures that other schools are not allowed to use the same uniform material.

The Lord willing in another week we plan to go up the mountain (to our cabin) and spend maybe a week!!!! Ruben, Rachelle and Rode will all be here here at EGO to oversee things. It’s a long haul and we have to carry everything up with us, but it will be worth it.

Thanks for your prayers!