Sunday, December 9, 2012

November 2012

PRAISE BE TO GOD from whom all blessings flow. First of all, we are so grateful to our Lord and Savior for supplying all our needs—spiritual, physical and financial. Just as He said in the beginning, He would NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US, always sending the answer at the last moment to prove that it is God Almighty that is our Provider! Psalm 50:15 says “Call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you and you will honor me.” This we have done. HE IS FAITHFUL!!

It has been a while since our return to Haiti the end of July. Yet with so many things going on, it seems only yesterday.

Elizabeth McCormick (nurse from Iowa) has been such a joy, has picked up Creole quickly, and while Talante is on her maternity leave (this being her 3rd girl!), Elizabeth has been taking care of the clinic PLUS all the scrapes, suturing, and giving out meds at the orphanage! Then, she has this green thumb…planting everything she can get her hands on, including Meringa trees. With proper care, cooked or dried, it is full of vitamins and, when given to malnourished children, makes a drastic difference. She had one of the boys help her milk the goats and now every morning the children have milk to drink. Duckenson, just returning from Agricultural school, was a big help to her also.

Ken and Marla Drowley, from Michigan, and their 2 children, Samantha and Max, came the middle of August to work alongside of us. Yes, there have been some adjustments, but God is faithful. We are truly blessed. They have certainly been an inspiration to us with their willingness to work and help lift the load here at the Mission.

Ken considered raising chickens, so went about cleaning and repairing the old cages that Dad had made years ago. Ruben remembers that when he was 10 years of age, it was his job to feed, water the chickens and clean out the hen house, up until he left to attend school in Port-au-Prince. Friends of Ken sent aid from the States to purchase them, and they are already laying enough eggs that the children can eat them twice a week! The tractor parts are here and he is installing them now, along with all the other projects he has going on.

By the way, after two years, it looks like our cow is going to freshen soon. We’re hoping it will be a heifer—praying and believing!

There have been many changes in Social Affairs (IBERS) with the influence of UNICEF. Ruben went to pay our fees for another year and they refused until we fulfilled all the new requirements—lots of paperwork. Marla, in all her expertise and long hours of work, helped Ruben. They made our reports, looking through many pictures over the last couple of years of all the outings EGO has had for the children, birthdays, special occasions, etc. Ruben was up most of the night translating everything into French, then leaving on the early bus to present them to Social Affairs. The container came the same day, full of Manna Packs and Solar Cookers. This is such a tremendous help, not only in feeding the children here, but also those that are hungry outside the orphanage. (Thanks, Lowell Yoder.) We will show our staff how to use the cookers and they will all receive one for Christmas. We are blessed!

In September, Rachelle was married to a man named Immanuel. They had planned for an October wedding, but decided to move it up, as school would be starting then. They are very happy and he is certainly a help-mate for her. Well, not only is he a great husband, but a great help to us also and interprets for the Mission. (pictures in previous Oct. 12 post)

The school started well, but many could not pay and were sent home, much to Rachelle’s disappointment. When they leave, they seldom return. Since we are already at a deficit in paying the teachers, this presents more difficulties! Ours is the only school in the area that had 100% pass the government testing at years end, thanks to the excellent teaching staff. This will help the children complete their education sooner and be better prepared to function as an adult, contributing to society. Please pray with us that the school will flourish and children will continue passing and graduating on time.

On October 31st, Ruben and Tchweebee had a baby boy, Mitch D Ruben Lee Alphonse, 6.5 lbs—he is going to be a big boy! We are grandma and grandpa again.

Chris and Beth Cooley came in with a team in early November, including Pastor Alex and Marcie. They held special meetings in the Tabernacle and worked especially with the youth. The whole team was such a blessing. They built the stone foundation for the girls’ bathhouse, poured the cement floor and put in all the plumbing. Also the hole for the septic tank was dug—another recommendation from Social Affairs. The bathrooms for the boys’ and baby dorms have yet to be built. The security place also needs finishing. The first of the year a team from Michigan will come to finish installing the roof on the last wing of the school. Praise God for all the help! Many projects yet to go—He is Faithful!

Just a word about Pastor John. He came as a baby and grew up here and graduated from seminary. He is now 26. We are really blessed to have him working alongside of Pastor Milo. While John was still in Port au Prince after the earthquake, he walked all over the city preaching the Word, and hundreds came to know Jesus as Savior. “He was born to serve.” Every morning except Sundays, at 4:00 am, he has a prayer meeting in the Tabernacle, every word under the power of the Holy Spirit. We listen from our home, so we can bear witness to the presence of the Spirit, as many times we have received a word or a song from the Lord through him, and it is so inspiring to us. Everyone who attends and many of those who stop by, going to the spring to wash clothes or to their gardens to work, are also encouraged and receive strength. We are Blessed!

December 2012-- Please forgive the delay in sending out the above. There have been a couple of changes/additions to report in the days since!

The tractor is up and running. Thanks to Ken. The garden is plowed and planted and now he is fixing up the sprinkler system. Praise the Lord!
We received word from Ruben that IBERS has accepted the new documents that Marla and Ruben worked so hard on.
Ruth’s wedding date has been changed to Dec. 21st. Her husband-to-be was unable to leave France in time for the earlier planned date.

The end of November, Don became ill with a high temp and chills, his body shaking for an hour. Having lived in Haiti a long time, we recognized the symptoms could be malaria (and that makes whatever other illness you may have much worse!) so gave him Chloroquine and other meds to bring his temp down. Elizabeth (our private nurse!) and I diagnosed it as pneumonia while still in Haiti. She gave him IV’s and ran to the hospital to buy meds. The second night she volunteered to come stay all night and help with him. We finally decided to call MFI to see if they still had the ambulance airplane they had flown me out on a few years ago when I had the ruptured appendix. While talking to Dick Snook, the president of Missionary Flights Int’l, he informed us that it was broken down but if we could wait until Tuesday, we could drive to Cap Haitian and he would have oxygen on board for Don. So Sunday night, we began to pack. Marla and Sam prepared us a “goodies” lunch for the plane. We asked Jacquelin if he would be able to drive us there and bring the car back. He could and we were thankful, as the roads in some places were almost impassable. Elizabeth wasn’t going to let her patient go without her! What a help and encouragement, giving meds and IVs and even insisting on staying all night in Cap Haitian when her plans were to return the same day. She is a gem and we all just love her. Thanks, Elizabeth, for being so kind. When we arrived in Cap Haitian, Dick Snook had called ahead and arranged for a doctor to meet us and we were able to get Don on oxygen right away. Thank God for wonderful friends!

Now, days after writing the above, I have excellent news. Don was discharged from the hospital, weak but looking and feeling better. The initial consult in the ER, after blood work, x-rays and MRI, was for congestive heart failure with possible secondary pneumonia, but “then there’s God!” The final diagnosis was that there was no congestive heart failure, but “community-acquired” pneumonia. He’s still coughing but can breathe better and is on the mend. We all know it was a miracle. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. We love you so much. God has truly blessed us with some wonderful praying family and friends. God Bless all of you.

We miss Haiti and our children along with all of those there that we love, but for now, God has us where He wants us and we will be content, bathing in His Presence and seeking His Face.

Have a Blessed Christmas with Jesus.

Don and Doris Peavey.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Elizabeth McCormick came for a 3-month mission trip, to help in the clinic at EGO. She is a nurse from Iowa, who served in Port-au-Prince right after the earthquake, doing medical triage and caring for scores of injured Haitians. Her heart for the children at EGO, as well as the folks from Dessalines, is evident in many ways. She has planted a garden of trees used for nutritional suppliments, she has worked along-side Talante, the Clinic's resident nurse, and done inventory in the pharmacy. She has treated many patients, and helped with the little ones and teenagers at EGO. Thank you, and God bless you Elizabeth!

Treating a skin disease of
patient from town.
Patient receives medication
Clinic pharmacy

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cyclone Isaac

Cyclone Isaac

We did not know what it was when it arrived here. It wasn’t going to be too strong just a TROPICAL DEPRESSION! It was actually a tropical storm. We had retired Friday night after a great time in the Word of God with our youth, followed by a video and the treat of no-bake cookies made by Elizabeth McCormick and Samantha Drowley.

Not too far into the night we woke up with the wind blowing real hard, pictures broken on the floor. The lamp blew off the piano. Elizabeth started sweeping up the glass while I quickly closed the windows. The wind continued to BLOW. We went back to bed but couldn’t sleep. Then things crashed and banged on the back porch. The Lord whispered in my spirit, “The Lord will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.” We went out with our flash lights and found that the three-burner gas plate had blown off a barrel along with other things. I quickly picked it up and put it under something to hold it down. When we looked up, the refrigerator had turned around and ended up about 4’ away. At about the same time, I was picking up something before it blew away and smelled gas. While still holding onto it, I found the gas can had been blown over, so picked it up. Dad was up and had gone downstairs checking on things. Then I found him sitting in his chair praying with his face in his hands. The roof sounded like it would lift off. You could hear the galvanized sheeting lift and then slam back down. When the winds were so strong, I opened my Bible while praying for strength. I could hardly believe what my eyes fell on. NIV – Luke 6:48b, “The torrent struck the house but could not shake it, because it was well built” Glory!! Whenever fear would try and shake me, I would think on these verses and find perfect peace. God is so very good to us.

In the morning we woke up to many fallen trees in the yard. One uprooted by our bedroom window that Ruben had planted a long while ago and it was so very beautiful. Dad and I had just been talking about how it shielded us from the road and the houses across the street. Two cherry trees down. Frangipanis (Genus Plumeria) up-rooted - it produced the most beautiful yellow and white flowers. Along with many other trees that are down--some are trees that were here when we first came over 40 yr. ago. They are big trees with big roots and now with the tree down, the roots are sticking straight up in the air. Two Mango trees, two neem trees, and other ones are leaning at about a 45 degree angle.

Ken is repairing the chain saw to cut up the downed trees and branches. This adds to the work already waiting ahead of us. We are praising God that He kept everyone safe here, with only damage to one of the buildings.

After the very strong winds and rain with hurricane Isaac this past week, many houses are down here in Dessalines. We have lost count of those asking for help. While the damage in the compound was limited to downed limbs and debris, many are homeless and we feel so helpless.

Our Security guard had to take off work the day after the storm to clean up what was left of his house (along with helping others). While he was talking to us this morning, he asked us for a little sustenance. He said "I found a place to live--it is in someone’s upstairs". I told him we had plenty of wood and maybe he could cook food in the yard –“but there isn’t any yard. It’s not like here," he said. We are truly blessed, in many ways. We have been able to give out the Manna Pack Rice boxes. We are thankful we had some on hand.

What hurts is to hear about people who see someone that needs help, who pick up the galvanized sheeting, taking out the nails etc for them, AND THEN, stealing it right out from underneath them. It is so sad!

Also, because we were not able to have the School roof put on the wing of the second floor yet, we were obliged to enroll our four 9th graders in another school where the tuition is much more expensive than ours. Also this is the time to buy school books and uniform material so we can hire them made. All of this along with wanting to help others in desperate need.

We are not complaining--God was so good to spare EGO from storm damage--just making folks aware of the needs.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Don and Doris

Friday, August 24, 2012

Greetings again to all our Friends and Loved Ones,

We have had such a blessed time while in the States! We believe the highlights of this trip were the times we were so blessed visiting different churches as well as the wealth of messages coming through the air-waves. We just sat and drank in all the truths. The messages we watched on television were so uplifting and encouraging. Thank you JESUS! Thanks to our families and friends also for taking such good care of us.

We are now in Haiti….when we drove in the yard all we could see were all the little ones jumping up and down. What a sight! They were right there as we got out of the car and showered us with hugs and kisses. It was good to be home again!

The same day we arrived, nurse Elizabeth came to visit us from Iowa. We love her and she has been such a great help--what a sweetheart! A week later our grandson Matthew, Brian & Heidi’s son, and nurse Aunt Rachel came. We had a great time. What unity. Wow, how blessed we are.

Then the surprise golf cart that Lowell sent! We had asked the mission that gets containers out of customs for us if they would be so kind as to keep it in their yard until we returned from the States to keep it a surprise for Dad. They were very obliging.

Last Saturday the boys picked it up. After they put it in the Shop, I called Dad to walk over with me. He wanted to know what was wrong. I just kept on walking. When we arrived he just stood in the doorway, then threw up both his arms in amazement. It was a dream come true. After using it for a few days, he said, “It sure helps my knees!” Thank you Jesus!

There was plenty to do when we returned! The most important thing was butchering the big bull. After a couple of days gathering the two quart jars and setting up makeshift tables with plywood that Dad had prepared and sharpening knives, the bull was taken to the tree. The pictures tell the rest of the story! (See below) Afterwards, the meat was cut up and put in two-quart jars, over 100 of them, and processed. Dad stayed and watched the pressure cooker. That’s a job that lasts all day and into the night!

This past week Pastor Milo and Pastor John held a revival in the Tabernacle. Praise God lives are being changed.

Special Dates--Rachelle will be getting married Oct. 20th and Ruth, her triplet sister, will be getting married Dec. 8th. Of course Ruben, the third triplet, was married March 6th of 2011, and now they are expecting a baby! All three of them are looking forward to something special this year. Now that takes us back a ways. Thirty-seven years ago April 28th, they were born weighing 3 & 4 lbs. each and eight days later they were brought to our gate. Their mother had died in child birth and the father was in the hospital. They were carried all the way from Saint Michel way back in the mountains by their Aunt's. They were unable to care for them so we gladly took them in. At that time our girls had not gone back to the States, for which we were so very grateful! We took turns caring for them and every third night was able to sleep. At that time Don was just building the baby dorm and the only place we had to put them was in our living room. We were still living down stairs. I have thought many times, “what if …?” For sure, things would not be the same at the orphanage without them! But God in all His mercy knew what was ahead. They have been such a great help and a source of encouragement to us. Never do they complain.

Social Affairs, with the help of unicef, are being very strict about the orphanages in Haiti. This is good because there are some orphanages where the children are not being cared for properly. This is what they are asking of us:

1. The security house needs finished.
2. Security lights and cameras in the yard.
3. Kitchen renovated with gas stoves.
4. Closets built in the dorms.
5. Toilets and showers installed (attached to the dorms, instead of the free-standing ones now in use).

These are all projects that will be undertaken as funds and labor are available. Some have already contributed to specific projects, and you can be sure your gift is held for that particular designation. Others have been asking how they can help. We simply rely on the goodness of God and His people.

You will never see the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for Bread!

Again we thank you for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you.
In Christ’s Service – still standing in the gap,
Don & Doris

PS--Last evening a well driller drove in our yard and wanted to drill a well at the school!!!
We stood there shocked! This is what the Government has asked of us! Favor? Yes, favor with God and man! This morning they have already started drilling. Praise the Lord! He is so very good to us. Thanks again for your prayers.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Butchering Day

They separate the meat from the skin by blowing air into the bull,  so it is easier to skin.   As they pump air into the bull they hit it with sticks to disperse the air throughout the body
The bull is tied up and killed with a mallet to the head and then the jugular artery is cut to drain blood.

The inside is rinsed with water once organs are removed

Meat is cut into small pieces so that it can fit into canning jars.

Every part of the bull with be used. The bulk of the meat is canned. Praise God we got over 100 quarts!!

Today everyone went to bed with very full bellies!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

To our Friends and Loved Ones,

Wednesday, May 24th, on our way to the airport to fly out of Port-au-Prince, the traffic was horrendous with four lanes trying to go one way in a two lane street. We were held up for almost an hour trying to get into the right lane, move a couple of feet and other times just sitting. Everyone was getting desperate. Realizing that we were nearing our flight departure time, we prayed, as we have done so many times before, “Lord, please make a way where there is no way and give us wisdom to know which lane to try for.”

Finally we could see the traffic light but everyone was going to the left. “Don, we can’t go left—we must go straight through to get to the airport!” As we edged over to the right there seemed to be a space that opened so we quickly moved over but we couldn’t get across the intersection, even when the light turned green as the cars were bumper to bumper crossing in front of us. Not knowing what to do next, we watched as up on the right across the intersection (right where we had to go!) was a violent crowd of demonstrators. All of the sudden out of nowhere, a policeman appeared and motioned for us to follow him but we were already up to the intersection where the traffic was so dense we couldn’t get across and no one was stopping to let is through! We watched as he walked up in front of the traffic and motioned for them to stop. One at a time they stopped. While this was going on, another policeman came up to the car. We asked, “Will we be able to get through to go to the airport?” He said, “Yes”, with a very pleasant look on his face. (It looked totally impossible to us.) They walked in front of us, one officer on the left and one on the right working together to stop the cars. Then, there was the crowd of angry demonstrators that weren’t allowing anyone to pass. The policemen literally pushed the people out of the way and every time they made a little progress they would motion for us to advance and stay right behind them. AND THAT WE DID! This continued until we were able to push through the crowd while they were banging on the car with fists or anything they had in their hands. We never got hurt nor was the car damaged. PTL! But one more time, Praise God! He made a way where there was no way! Thank you Jesus! We were just a little shook up, though!) A huge line of traffic heading away from the airport was still waiting. Praising God for opening up the way, we had clear sailing! Even though those policemen were directly in front of us, we have no idea where they went or what happened to them but thank our God for sending us His “angels” to help us in our time of need.

We did catch our Flight on Missionary Flights International and arrived in the States safely. A sweet couple and their 3 darling little children were there to pick us up. Once more THANK YOU JESUS! How wonderful it was to see family again. We’ll be going to Michigan to attend our Brother in law’s Memorial at the old homestead. We have been anxious to be with my sister since his death. Bev and I have talked on the phone but it will be nice to be there and hug and cry and rejoice together.

These are pictures of Flag Day in Haiti.
The children gathered in our yard for prayer and the raising of the flag. All were given flags to wave as they lined up according to classes and walked down to the town square in Dessalines. I was amazed as even the two year olds made the trek! It was a beautiful site as they walked through the gate all in their blue uniforms,341 in all.

Many are asking how the school is doing. There have been, and always will be, difficulties whenever we undertake new ventures, but the one thing we want to make sure you know is that God is providing just as he always has and always will! June 29th there will be a kindergarten class graduating into the 1st grade, which is always beautiful and so cute to watch the little ones perform.

This summer we will be holding a special seminar on Child Care. A friend of Rachelles who has been helping out in our school for the last couple of years from Port au Prince, Professor Michelle will be teaching this class. They also will be taking their internship at the orphanage under her supervision. The invitation will be send out to all the churches. We trust this will be a great opportunity for those who love children and need to find work not only in Dessalines but also Port au Prince and else where.

Once more we are so thankful for all of you, your interest, your prayers and your financial help. Be Blessed of the Lord!

Standing in the Gap,
Don & Doris Peavey

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday to Doris! 

Doris writes:
This is what Jean Sony (one of the teenagers) wrote on lined paper, with drawn decorations around it, and left it on our table. I cried!
Every boy say to you,
I say to you special day!
I kiss you for your job.
(drew a picture of a Bible)
Samuel 7:12

Friday evening we had studied the first few chapters of 1 Samuel.
God is so good. He is the one that changes lives. Praise God!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Several teams visited EGO in February! Thank you everyone, who worked so hard to support the children and Peavey's in many ways!

Team members did more construction on the school addition, repaired vehicles, fixed a water well, played with children, painted cribs and rooms, added a bathroom to one of the houses, and much more!

Pictures below... the reason why all the hard work on the school is worth it!