Saturday, December 18, 2010


It may be a little early, but tonight we are at our daughter
Vickie's and Sandy(our other daughter) and her husband are coming over to celebrate Christmas with us before we return to Haiti on December 23. (The Lord Willing!!!!) Things don't look too good over there right now. As of right now Haiti doesn't have any gas.... But we'll see what God has for us. Everything has been fine at EGO, however. Thank you Jesus!
Thank you all for your prayers!
Don and Doris

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The following is an article on a young man named Thad McKee. He was adopted from EGO 22 years ago and is now preaching in Haiti. Thad arrived in Haiti Nov. 10th. Two weeks ago he went into the mountains to help provide medical aid and was asked to preach, and 30 people received Christ into their lives! PRAISE THE LORD!

Doris states, "What a story! We cried when we read it. Don & I were reminiscing, remembering what a miracle it was. We had just finished his paper work - God's's always perfect."


Thad McKee, age 22, grew up like any other American boy! He attended Bear Lake Camp, played baseball, and enjoyed life! When in high school he was involved in music and show choir with some drama and video participation mixed in! You wouldn't know by looking at this fine strapping young man that his life began in a turbulent world.

In 1988 a Haitian child was born in the midst of a country under siege. In three months his mother died leaving him to an orphanage and bleak prospects for his future. When he was born she named her little son Emmanuel Israel, which means "God is with us" and "God perseveres." It is clear now that God had a special plan for little Emmanuel!

Dennis McKee and Linda McKee were in the process of adopting a Haitian boy named Daniel, but Daniel died before they could bring him home. Emmanuel Israel was the next baby on the list. "But with the unrest in the government it was going to be very difficult to get him out of Haiti. The Haitian government went through 4 coups while they were trying to get their son out of the country. The paperwork was completed, but the transport nearly impossible to arrange, and requirements changed with every change of the government."

Through God's providence, the orphanage workers were in a nearby shop and they heard the English language being spoken. When approaching the men, the workers were amazed to find they were missionaries from Indiana where the baby needed to go. The baby was given to the men who were flying to the United States the next day.

With 107 degrees in Haiti, February 1989, the baby was dressed in a cloth diaper and a cotton shirt. When they arrived in Indianapolis the temperature was a chilling -15 degrees. But he received a warm welcome by his father and grandfather. His mother was out of state as they were not expecting this special surprise at that time. Their adoption was complete, they named their son Thaddaeus and brought him to his new home!

Upon graduation from Columbia City High School his father took him on a trip back to the country of his birth. A graduation gift to Haiti that touched his heart as Thad shared, "It was surreal and all I could think was this could have been my life."

Thad attended Huntington University and then graduated from Rockford Masters Commission in Rockford, Illinois. His post secondary education gave him valuable hands-on training in ministry and discipleship, preparing for a pastorate.

In a classroom experience the students were praying for different nations. Thad asked someone to pray for him that he would have a heart for Haiti. The prayer was answered!

Thad is going on a six-month trip back to Haiti with Steve Mossburg of Columbia City and G.A.P. Ministries. He will leave for Chicago on Wednesday, November 10th and fly to Haiti on Thursday, November 11th!

"Emmanuel Israel was taken out of Haiti, like Joseph was taken out of Canaan and Moses taken out of Egypt -- to return years later to help his people through difficult times. His names tell the story. Emmanuel Israel - God was with him and persevered for him. And Thaddaeus means "heart," and Thad McKee was given a heart for the people of Haiti"

Remember Thad in prayer as he spends six months on God's mission field in his birth country. May he see through the eyes of God what he can do as a man for his sisters and brothers of Haiti. We pray that this experience will be rewarding for him and for those whom he will share his heart.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

an update and a thank you...

Good Morning! I just spoke with Ruben and things have been really bad in Dessalines. People have been burning tires and shooting so no one can leave the orphanage. (Today is also Big Market Day and people count on this day to buy food, etc. until next Wednesday) I asked him how Talante (E.G.O.'s nurse) was as I haven't been able to contact her or her husband. He wasn't able to get out yesterday but would try and go today!!!! Praying for their protection and for Talante to have a safe delivery of a healthy baby.

We also want to thank Russ and Sherrie Cole for helping out at EGO. Sherrie has been
helping Rachelle on the books as well as inquiring about the dresses that had been
found at another mission. Everyone is happy! (will try to post a picture of the little girls in their new dresses soon). Also, thank you Russ for working on our poor old generator. It's up and running again, along with the tractor. That will be very useful in the garden. May God Bless you and protect you both with everything going on in Haiti.

The Peavey's