Monday, March 3, 2014

It has already been two months since Christmas and wow is the year flying by. Many of you in North America are experiencing snow and cold, while we here at EGO are having a very cool, but warm dry season. January came with lots of wind to cool us down in the evenings and warm sunshine to charge the batteries during the day. 

Jennicka, newborn
On January 8th we had the honor of accepting little Jennicka into the EGO family after the death of her mother on the 7th. She was only one day old. By Sunday, January 12th, we had Dahicha in the hospital with pneumonia for the next four days. On January 17th we were happy to pick up the Coston family as they were coming to work at EGO while Ken, Marla and Max took a quick trip back to the states. Thank you to Nate, Tennille and their three girls for holding down the fort and taking care of so many emergencies during the two weeks we were gone.  Ken, Marla & Max left EGO on January 22nd to spend the night in Port-au-Prince before flying out early the next morning. They had safe travels and arrived home before midnight on January 23rd.  On Friday, January 24th, little Jennicka starting running a high fever and could not eat, she was having diarrhea as well and was becoming dehydrated. So she was hospitalized for the next seven days. On Sunday, January 26th, both Dahicha and Saraphina were taken to the hospital with breathing complications. Dahicha had the pneumonia and Saraphina was in congestive heart failure; and by Tuesday morning she had slipped into a coma. Sadly, Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. while being transported from Dessalines to St. Marc little Saraphina went to be with the Lord. Please continue to pray for the family and those here who took care of her for the 20 short weeks she lived at EGO.

On January 28th, Don & Doris were able to return to EGO after six months of rest and relaxation in the states. They were very excited to be back home and to get settled in. Many changes had taken place in their absence and there were many things for them to see and hear about.  The staff and children were thrilled to see them again.

February 4th brought Ken and Marla back from Michigan; Max had to stay behind to do some testing for state and college entrance exams, but will be returning in March. Another couple looking at volunteering in Haiti also came in on the 4th.  They got to spend 10 days loving on the children of EGO and helping with many work projects. Thanks Randy and Linda for your unfailing energy and love for EGO.  On February 7th, we had to say good-bye to the Coston family and want to say thanks again for your sacrifice and commitment to EGO. 

The rest of February brought Steve Scheib, Dave Soper, and Elizabeth McCormick, who worked unending on getting the septic tank and drain field finished for the boys’ bathroom. Also, many other miscellaneous plumbing and woodworking projects were completed with their assistance. In addition, Don& Doris were able to load up a bunch of their belongings and head to the mountain retreat in Pebo for some more relaxation.
Desks and benches for EGO's School

God has been moving in the hearts and lives of the children here at EGO. We are seeing a change in their attitudes and willingness to serve God. Please continue to pray for them as they grow in their relationships.

As always we are continuing to improve the website and facebook page, so make sure to stay tuned to either for updates and information regarding Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. If you have any questions or wish to make a trip to EGO this coming year, please feel free to contact Gwen Schmidt, EGO Secretary.

Serving the Lord in Haiti,
Ken, Marla, Don & Doris 

Editor's Note:  As you can tell, there are always projects ongoing and needs that welcome your participation, either in person or through prayer or financial backing.  Our contact information is: , or email, or 1726 Gun Club Rd, Caro MI 48723.  Blessings!