Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please Pray!

Churches around Mt. Pleasant, MI have raised approximately $20,000 for food and supplies for E.G.O.! One 10'x20'container of food and one 10'x40' container of supplies to fix fresh water wells are being shipped to Haiti and will arrive on
Monday. However, they just found out that to pick up the containers, as
well as an older model pickup truck (needed to carry the supplies), they
will now need to pay customs between $4,000 to $6,000 per container as well as an amount equal to the value of the truck. Needless to say, the orphanage does not have
the resources to pay that price.

Please pray that they might get the containers out of customs duty-free. Obviously if the customs duties cannot be paid, both the food and the supplies will sit in customs unused and will not be able to get to the people who need the food and the fresh water.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



We've had quite the Sunday! After a good service we visited the people in our yard. First to the Girls dorm visiting the ladies. One of the older ones is a diabetic with a huge sore on her leg, another has an infected wound. Then on to the boys dorm where a man had escaped a fallen building, displacing his knee and breaking his femur. He dragged his body out and a passing motorbike picked him up. It was just last week when he was finally able to get it set at Des Chappelle.

The U.N. escorted Lawrence Jones here from St. Marc and one was a Medic. She took care of the two ladies. It was much appreciated. He had flown from the States to the Dominican and stopped at his 'mission direct', rented a truck and bought food, fuel, and everything we needed. I can't begin to name them all. One thing I thought was so great though, he bought us 1 bottle of olive oil. God had placed it on his heart. He didn't know that just the other day I had knocked the one I just got in St. Marc off the stove and it broke. I felt so badly I cried. His explanation when I asked him what promoted him to bring it, he said, "just because we like it and thought you might like it too." Glory!

How blessed we are!!!! We can't get over someone coming all of those miles, going to all the trouble renting a truck and buying all the needed things. I know there are many more that are doing the same thing. We want to thank you in advance for all you are doing for EGO and the suffering people of Haiti. May God pour you out a blessing your cup cannot contain...
Pastor Chris, Ray and Jim coming all the way from Texas to encourage the people here and to pray with them. The best thing was on Friday night when the children came up; Chris played the guitar and led in some worship songs. After which he had us get in a circle and all three went around and laid hands on each one child/teenager individually, giving a word from the Lord. What a blessed time. Perhaps others did too, but I believe Ketla received the most. In church this morning she was so much in the presence of God singing and praising the Lord that it didn't matter who was beside her. I remember she was next to me holding my hand while they were praying for us and I sensed she received from the Lord. Praise God!

We are looking forward to all the company that will be coming to Dessalines these next few weeks..

Amongest everything else Dad is pressing to get the pads in and the foundation finished before the rains come. He and the boys work together on this project. We covet your prayers.

Thanks for your donations and all of those that are filling a container that will be coming in a few days.
Love you,
Don & Doris

Friday, January 22, 2010

Russ and Sherrie Cole

Russ and Sherrie Cole have spent many months in Haiti both at FOHO and at EGO. They were in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake. Following is a note from Sherrie to Don and Doris describing the events...
[editor's note: John Wiler was one of the Haitian caretakers at FOHO]
"I don't know how much you know about what happened with us last week so I will give you the shortened details. Russ and I were on the road to the Caribbean Food Market when the earthquake occured. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get back to FOHO. We were shocked to see it in a pile of rubble when we drove in the yard. We saw John Wiler and he was in shock over the situation. Jerry, one of the boys on the corner ran in and said he had talked to Jack. Russ and John went running to the northeast corner of the building where Jerry said he could hear Jack. Russ was determined to get to Jack, even though the aftershocks were still very strong. I was terrified the building would fall on him, but he went in. He found Jack about 75 feet back in the building. He was pinned by his legs. Russ and John Wiler and then Dan Snyder tried to get him out using whatever they could find for tools. Dan and DeeDee got to FOHO by someone who gave them a ride as the roads from the Mission house were trapped by rubble. Anyway, Aaron Swenson and his well drilling team also came and then all the rest of the men continued to try and get Jack out. Someone heard some tapping, which was coming from Katie, who was also buried. John Wiler and Jerry found her. Katie said later she could hear John saying, "show me where to dig Lord, show me where to dig". She moaned and he told her not to moan, but to pray! She had dived under the table in Jeannie's office which protected her. They found a suitcase close to her and managed to get her in it and slide her out. She has extreme swelling and had a ruptured spleen, which we didn't know about until she got to Guantanamo Bay and then they medivaced her on to Miami. The men got Jack out by 10 PM, after being pinned for 4 1/2 hours. We saw him today in Miami. He has a broken leg and wrist. Both he and Katie had surgery to open a drain in their legs so their bodies could drain excess fluids. Poor Katie is extremely swollen. But they are both alive. Both were medivaced to Cuba together and then Miami together and the Lord had them both put in the same hospital. We extended our return trip a day so we could visit with them. There is so much more I could tell you but won't right now. We finally got Jack to the American Embassy so Dan could do what he could for him. Dan was immediately pressed into service as people began coming in there for help. DeeDee and I were stuck at the Embassy for four days and nights as more and more people came there to get help getting out of the country. They ran out of space, water, food, toilet paper and many people ran out of patience. They only were able to take about 70 - 100 people out each day. There were over 200 people including many, many over tired panicked children. Everyone shared what ever food they had. The last day, Dee Dee and I shared two crackers and a cold can of beanie weanies. We each got maybe two hours of combined sleep in those 4 days. So much more happened during this week that it will take many hours to share with you. Another little miracle - After many many hours of trying to get us out of the country, getting passport replacements, etc. Russ and I were at the final checkpoint to get on the plane in Santa Domingo and my passport papers were missing. After a frantic search, I found them in the pocket of Russ' shaving kit, where I had dumped the contents of my wallet, our original passports! I know God put them there at the very last minute to say, "I will always take care of you" We are grieving for Jack, but rejoicing for Jeannie, as she, along with Merle and Gene and Erlin are with the Lord. We plan on returning to Haiti, just as soon as the Lord allows. Much love to you both, Sherrie"

Monday, January 18, 2010

supplies are needed...

Good Morning! Many have asked how to get involved and where to send money. Here is a place to start! Thank you so much!

Following are: a note from Don & Doris's daughter on the state of things at E.G.O. as well as a list of supplies needed by the orphanage at this time. The list is by priority (at the top) to wish list (at the bottom). Shipping information is located at the bottom as well.


Mom and Dad have about 20 refugees right now which doesn't sound like much in the scope of things, but what most people don't know was there wasn't much food to be found at least a week before the quake. Most the grocery stores were closed (the big ones) and when they sent someone into Port for provisions, very little was found so their provisions were almost extinguished then. 3 men are flying down this week via Missionary Flights Int'l but only allowed 2000 lbs (including the weight of the men). That's not much when the need is so great. I just know that there will be another opportunity soon... we just have to be ready. They're going to buy as much beans, rice, and powdered whole milk they can get their hands on. One of them will be carrying money on them from headquarters. Gas prices are high ($20.00 a gal) and the storage batteries for their solar panels are used up. They have to run their small generator to call or use email. Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement. If everything was a total loss, and my parents and everything were lost, God would still be worthy of our praise because He is God Almighty, a Sovereign, Holy and most Powerful God. And, one day everyone will bow their knee to worship Him, whether they served Him or were His adversaries, and proclaim, "The Lord, He is God!"

Love you, Vickie (Don & Doris daughter in Florida)


Underwear for men s-m-a few large
Pants for men – smaller sizes
Shirts – smaller sizes
Underwear for women – full cut
Summer type dresses
Shoes and sandals – men & women

Baby bottles
Diapers - cloth
Plastic pants
Sleepwear for babies
Sheets - single

Cooking oil
Beans (Haitian or brown)
Alaska powered milk

6 - Trojan L16 RE 12 volt deep cell batteries for solar storage
6 - Trojan AGM Sealed batteries (will provide specs)

Copier for School
Photo Copy paper
Spiral notebooks

Ship To:
Missionary Flights International
Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

***PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: EGO has to pay MFI $1.50 per pound to ship everything into Haiti. Please send MFI the money to pay for the air flight into Haiti. Thanks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Body of Christ united!

The body of Christ is in prayer for Haiti all over the world! A good friend, native to Zimbabwe, shared testimony of how Africans are standing in the gap for their brothers and sisters in Haiti. What a blessing! May Christ continue to be our source of joy and comfort, He alone will never leave us nor forsake us! Glory to His Name!!

"its with joy overflowing that i write to you. be encouraged.... we join you in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. The response down here in Chinhoyi inline of standing between the gap is overwhelming.
my frends have started a small prayer group that will intercede for Haiti in this time of Crisis. our prayer is that of comfort, consolation, aid but better yet that Christ might be recognised as Savior and Lord in Haiti. when i emailed my friends in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia, they were quick to avail themselves to prayer. now i have the slightest idea of the love that has been shared abroad in our hearts by our Father.
we are praying, we are with you. Pedzy"

Thursday, January 14, 2010


For news regarding the FOHO (Friends of Haiti Organization) mission and all of those involved in with it in P.A.P., please go to:

beauty amidst the ashes...

For those of you who have not yet heard, Doris, Don and all at EGO are safe! They felt the quake strong enough that all the buildings were shaking, but no damage there. Even those who were in Port au Prince at the time of the quake are safe and have all returned to EGO.

Below is a note from Doris' daughter, Vickie, with some of the miraculous details. Our concern now is logistics--how to get supplies to them, i.e. propane, diesel fuel, etc. Their supply of those items is okay for now, and we're trusting God that as we help those in need around us, He will keep the barrels flowing. Please continue to pray. Here is Vickie's note:

My Dear Precious Ones,

I want to thank you for praying for my parents, the orphanage, friends, the conditions there and most of all, that God would show through the darkness there. As you know, everyone there in Dessalines, 90 mi. NE of Port, are fine. The buildings are intact. They are now getting the influx of injured from Port. The hospital there in Dessalines is full, Albert Schweitzer (sp) is full and probably St. Mark and Gonaives are filled to capacity. People are coming into the clinic there at EGO, fortunately Talante just purchased more meds. There are a few men in Orlando who want to go over with medical supplies Feb 9th if anyone has meds to send (would be great to send $$ to take the extra wt, also). Food is scarce but as God blessed the widow’s oil and meal, so He will once again bless what the orphanage gives out. Hopefully they can connect with some of the organizations bringing in relief supplies there.
I bring you good news today. I just got off the phone with Mom and she had some miraculous stories. Rachel, EGO accountant and one of the triplets raised there, had gone into Port that day to shop for some supplies. She felt the bus weaving and shaking but didn’t know if it was her or what. When they disembarked, she was hungry so bought a bite to eat. The food she had purchased needed some more sauce so she headed back toward the bldg when she felt the earth shake and parts of building falling around her. People began to run and scream in terror but she just crouched down where she was, alone with her hands over her head. When the shaking and rubble ceased to fall, she stood and looked around. The place where the people ran was where the building fell and they were all dead under the debris. God had kept her safe. It seemed that in every direction, God’s angel protected. She was able to call her brother and tell him that all the college kids there in Port were at the house and safe (despite being only 10 blocks from where FOHO had collapsed) but saw buildings all around them down. Rachel’s fiance is a teacher in Port. He was to teach a late class so was there early. He heard someone call his name, “Samuel ….” He went to the window, then to the door to look out and see but saw nobody. He went back in and began to write on the blackboard when he heard it again, “Samuel ……”. He went outside and down the steps when the entire building collapsed behind him. I think God has a purpose for his life and isn’t done with him yet. Rueben, another of the triplets, had lost contact with his fiance. She is now found and O.K.
Yesterday, Rachel was leaving Port and begged her sister, Ruth, along with the other 4 young men there to come home with her. Ruth hadn’t eaten anything and was tired and dirty. She said that she wouldn’t.. they needed nurses there in Port. Last night Rachel came home, it seems that busses were giving free rides just to get people home. You see, the heart of the Haitian is so kind and giving, in general, and will do almost anything to help another. She came home by herself and as she came down the street, Mom could hear wailing as Rachel stopped to tell neighbors that their children had been lost as schools collapsed with them inside. Mom made her way to them and tried to comfort them. She had prayer and began walking home when their son, who had been quite a bad boy - into much trouble- began to follow her. She put her arm around his shoulders, he put his arm around her waist, talked and then he asked her if she would pray with him. She eagerly accepted….. Another victory for God… another ray of light.
Well, it was later when Mom heard several footsteps coming up their stairs. In came Ruth and the four boys hungry, dirty and tired. Ruth asked Mom if she had any bread, she had just enough and pulled out the rest of the eggs she had so Ruth prepared them each an egg sandwich.
While I was talking to her Milo (was an orphan, works for Dad and is ordained pastor of the chapel there) peeked her head in and said that they had found his nephew, alive and well. She said that reports have been coming in constantly. She requested prayer for her mind, she’s tired, not sleeping at night, and her mind is so full. Please remember to pray for the road ahead for all of these.
Thank you for your time and prayers,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Everyone at EGO is okay and there are 2 notes to follow from Don and Doris. We still have not received any word on FOHO though, will keep you posted.

here are 2 notes we just received from Don & Doris:

Please sent an email out to everyone and tell them by the grace of God we are okay.
We were sitting at the table when the house began to shake we got up and while walking through the house we just called out the Name of Jesus on our way out of the house. We cannot call on our digicel phones because the 19 story building collapsed the head quarters for the phone services. We don't know how the kids are in Port but we did hear that a bakery on the same street is gone. Trying to get a hold of Foho but all they have are digicel phones also.
We are still feeling the after shocks..
Only God knows what the future hold but we are trusting in his provisions.
Thank you for your prayer.
Don & Doris

We are okay Praise the Lord. But can't reach anyone, kids or FOHO in Port Probably because they have digecel phones and the 19 story building that housed it has collapsed. Can't use our phones either. Praise God for our little generator. That we can get on line. The phone has been ringing we can hear them talking but no one can hear us.
As I sit here the desk is shaking.
What seems so odd is I can tell when we are having an aftershock because of what it does to my head. It feels so funny first one side and another time the other.
But we are praise God that everything in this area is okay. Except of course electricity.
Thanks for your continued Prayers.
Don & Doris

earthquake news...

I just heard the news of the earthquake and my heart is aching for everyone at EGO and in Port-au-prince. I can't even begin to imagine what is happening there right now. Please be in prayer for Don & Doris Peavey and the beautiful children at E.G.O. Pray for the hand of God, which has always held them, to give them peace. E.G.O. has for a long time been considered a "safe haven" of sorts... an "oasis" of beauty and peace in a spiritually war-torn and impoverished country. Don and Doris have been and continue to be lights shining for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that even now in the midst of this catastrophe they will continue to glorify Him. I will post any updates as soon as I receive them.

Please also be in prayer for some college students raised at E.G.O. who are currently living and studying in Port-au-prince. Please be in prayer for their safety and also that they would be able to somehow communicate with Don & Doris at this time.

There is also Jack and Jeanne at F.O.H.O. (Friends of Haiti Organization) in Port-au-Prince (and Katie Zook, who has taken this first year after her college graduation to minister with them). Please be in prayer for them right now as well. When I think of them, I think of their passion to spread the love of Christ across Haiti and also their passion for Haiti to come to love and accept Christ as their Savior. They have started the "saying" (for lack of a better word), "Haiti pour Christ". Which translates in English to, "Haiti for Christ". They say that Christ has always been for Haiti, but it's time for Haiti to repent and turn to Him.

Russ and Sherri Cole are also at F.O.H.O. currently. They have been in Haiti for a couple of months, spending time at E.G.O. as well. Please be in prayer for their safety, as well as for peace of mind for their children back in the states.

Please also lift up Dr. Dan and DeeDee Snyder. I believe they are currently back in Haiti as well. They reside in Port-au-Prince and Dr. Dan travels into Dessalines to the hospital once a week. They also have young adult children living in the United States.

"Sovereign God, we lift up Your name! You are worthy to be praised now and forevermore! You are God of the city of Port-au-prince. You are God of the town of Dessalines. May Your All-Powerful and Merciful Name be called upon and may the Haitian people turn to You in the midst of this catasrophe. We lift up our loved brothers and sisters to You. They have been called by You to minister to Your children in Haiti. Protect them. Give them strength to meet the needs of those You bring to them today. Encourage them. Gather them under Your wings of protection and peace. Give them wisdom. Give them courage. Give them peace. Above all, MAY YOUR NAME BE PRAISED. THERE IS NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Promenade


Every 1st of January, the little ones here at E.G.O. go on an outing to visit people and sing for them. This year they walked through the park in the center of town. They returned so happy! It was so good for them! Here are some photos of the excursion!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 with the Peavey's


We arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport in plenty of time, thanks to Tom Bland who so generously allows us to park our old 85 Motor home. (Tom was telling us about the time he was almost in the eye of the hurricane and the winds were so strong it took shingles off his house. When he looked out the window a tree limb was bending and he was concerned it was going to fall on the RV. So he went out in the storm, cut the limb off and pushed it aside...God’s protection!)

We had two large check-in bags, two heavy carry-on bags, plus my back pack which held my lap top, the new Bible my niece had given me (large print!!), two books to read, my purse, a cloth bag with our lunch, a pound of cheese and a brief case with another computer. In other words, it was a little heavy! Tom helped us unload. We were going to check in at the curb but when we didn’t have our permits with us (stating that we were residents in Haiti) we had to go inside. Tom knew we couldn’t do it all ourselves SO leaving the car parked at the curb he helped us carry them in. What a guy…A GOD SEND! AND his car was still there when he returned, thank you, Jesus!

Finally we arrived at the desk. She looked us up on the computer, but because we didn’t have return tickets she said they couldn’t allow us to leave without proof of residence. They had never asked for them before, so we had left our Permis de Sejour at home. I dug out our E.G.O. brochure and showed her. She said that it wasn’t proof enough; the only thing to do was to buy a return ticket. My insides were churning as a million thoughts went through my head. Reluctantly, I had just found my Visa card as someone came up behind her. She then began telling her of our plight and asked us to show the brochure again. THE NICE lady, after looking at it, looked up and said, “Oh let them go! Then we were told she was the one who took care of things like this in Haiti. FAVOR??? Praise The Lord!

While waiting to board, everyone was asked to bring up their carry-on luggage. I think we were the first in line. That took a huge load off of us. Many people didn’t want to, they probably didn’t understand.

We sat for 45 minutes on the plane while they juggled baggage around. First, the people who hadn't had their bags checked when it was requested had them taken just before they boarded the plane. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. They asked everyone that had soft bags to take them down from the bins and put them under their feet. In the first place there was hardly enough room to even put your feet. Oh by the way we were on Spirit Air. Then after more waiting...... (Oh, they had explained that the plane was too heavy. They’d had to put more fuel in it because of the bad weather up ahead.) It seemed then that the plane wasn't balanced so they brought up some of the bags they had already taken and distributed them around the plane. Some were placed in the back because they were too large to put in the bins... and the story goes on.

Finally, after taking off while we were still ascending, the engines began making some funny noises. Dad said, “that's a different sound.” It just seemed like it could hardly pull all the weight. I said a prayer (I'm sure Dad did too) and reminded the LORD, that underneath the plane were HIS everlasting arms!!

Praise God, we landed okay albeit in a rain and wind storm. Poor Dad got stuck behind some women walking so slowly down the stairs. (They had told us to be careful.) I, with my 20+ pound back pack, was trying to hurry as fast as I could to get out of the down pour, through the puddles and all. Of course with no shelter to walk through, we got just a LITTLE wet.

Do you want to hear more???

Inside the airport, we began to wonder if our luggage would ever come. It did and just a little wet! When it finally arrived we remembered them saying about us picking up our bags, the ones we had given them upon our departure. Others were asking too and one girl said she would go and check, but we never saw her again. Finally, Dad went one place and I another and they came. We hurried towards the exit AS WAS everyone else. It was - - well I don't think there is a word to describe it; everyone, with their luggage hanging off of the side of their carts, running into everyone else. After making our way to the door,(pushing our luggage cart the way men drive their “tap-taps” [taxi’s] in Port!) a Haitian man that we recognized held up a piece of paper that read “Peavey”. He said, “Jack is waiting for you”. Poor Jack and Russ had been waiting all this time out there in the wind and rain. It must have been at least two hours, as we left the States 45 minutes late.

We didn't go home to EGO because the traffic was horrible. It must have been at least a ½ hour before we could even get out of the parking lot and then it was so bad in the streets that they steered us in the opposite direction........must I say any more???
The phones kept ringing as they had dinner ready for us and were wondering when we were coming. Bless their hearts.

But, we finally made it. God is good and so was the meal for four hungry people. We plan to leave early in the morning. Russ and Sherrie will be going up too and will spend Christmas there. We are so looking forward to that and also to be home again.

Thanks for your prayers!