Thursday, May 6, 2010

E.G.O. Newsletter (May 2010)

Greetings from EGO in that Name Jesus! We realize this is well over due. There was rarely a moment to even jot anything down—all the happenings and GRATEFUL thoughts we had for each individual who so tenderly packed boxes with badly needed items, not only for the orphanage but those in need elsewhere. We were so blessed to be able to give to those that lost everything—especially blankets, sheets, towels, toiletries, clothing, and the list goes on.

Just a few tidbits of news: Ruth was called back to work in Port. She was living outside, as were many others. With the two tents that came we were able to give one to her and the other to Samuel, Rachelle’s fiancĂ©, who was sleeping under a small tarp - and with all the rains…..

Only a few of the earthquake victims are still at the orphanage. Just a week before we left for the States for Dr. appointments, I was walking through the girls dorm and one of the ladies stopped me to thank us for allowing her to stay, as she had been sick for years (and should have been on dialysis). She said “I would have never been able to live in the street.” She looked so beautiful as she looked up into my face. We were blessed to have her with us. For 27 years she promised God she would never take any medicine—just trust in Him. That same night Rachelle came up to say this same lady wasn’t feeling well and the next day her son came and took her to the hospital near Port au Prince. She had lapsed into a coma and never came out. She went to see her maker the next day. I was so glad that day, even so busy, I just h-a-p-p-e-n-d to go out and visit the people.

Students were called back to school in Port. The buildings are down but most of them are holding school in tents. Pierre and John had no place to stay. The back wall where they were staying had fallen and the when Pierre stepped onto the porch, it broke right through. The inside walls of the house are cracked, as so many others that are partially standing, and no one will stay in them because many have fallen.

Dad has been working on the second phase of the School. It has been moving slowly. He has not hired extra help—just older boys help in the mornings then attend school in the afternoons. Of course we always have our faithful Pastor Milo that is Dad’s right hand man in more ways than one! The columns are up and the blocks are laid and we are ready to start on the beams. We hear there some teams coming soon. What a boost for the morale. Pray God’s will may be done while they are here, that things will move faster and much will be accomplished for His Glory. We trust we will have more rooms for classes this fall.

A few years ago we built a little house down in the corner close to the clinic. We had a family living there. They had recently built their own home so they were able to move. For a long time we have wanted to put an addition on the house. We put in the foundation for a 30 x 14 addition.
After the blocks are up and the roof is on we’ll add a porch and it will be nice. Who will live there….we don’t yet know for sure….maybe Ruben and his wife that were just recently married will be the ones…

Speaking of marriage,. Miraliane and Belmane have planned their wedding date for June 24th . Rachelle and Samuel… well, no date has been set as of yet because he lost everything in the quake. He is now trying to build a house and has the foundation in place. Dad and I and others stopped while going into Port one day to see it. He was proud to show it to us. Besides being a Professor he is an architect but lost everything in the earthquake including his laptop with all his plans etc. He also lost his brother (the one that Amelia was going to marry before she was escorted up to heaven in an accident).

Just talked with Ruben and was told EGO has two new additions! A set of twins—a boy and a girl around a month old—Rodolene and Rodelyn. They are requiring much care and are so tiny, just getting adjusted to milk. I believe Roseline is caring for one and Modelene the other, when they are not in school. Pray for these babies, that they will make it.

Together with the Osbornes and many others, we are working on filling two storage places in West Palm Beach for a 40’ container. We’ve been given some school desks and many other items that we will soon need.

We have purchased a van and it is being outfitted to survive the conditions in Haiti ! A dear friend will drive it to Florida and arrange for shipping it over to Haiti , then fly over and meet it when it comes in! How helpful this will be when teams come in the months and years ahead!

Thanks for everyone’s help and support in recent months. So many hands have reached out to us and the people of Haiti . Your prayers and gifts have touched more lives than you can imagine.

Don and Doris Peavey

Editor’s Note: There are still many ways you can help! We need sponsors for the new babies as well as others. Your prayers are needed as we continue the building projects and get another container and vehicle through customs! If you have questions, email or call 269-792-4271. Donations may be made via the Paypal link on our website or by mail to : EGO, 3572 Quebec Trail, Wayland MI 49348.