Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan. 2012 Newsletter

Greetings. We pray you're having a blessed New Year! The old year has passed and a new one has now begun . We are looking forward to great things in Jesus. We have had many difficulties and problems but, Praise God, this is His work and not ours. He has a plan and we will follow.

A week ago, while we were waiting for a Pastor friend to arrive to speak in the Tabernacle, I heard a car at the gate and said, "They have arrived!" While Joceline was putting the final touches on the meal she had prepared for them, someone went down to meet the guests. They quickly returned, saying it wasn’t the guests, but was representatives from Social Services (IBERS) and UNICEF. We hurried down to greet them. One had been here before, the other one was an attorney.

Not knowing what exactly was going to happen, we walked them to the baby dorm. It was already dark but the dorm was full of activity. They had bathed the little ones and those that had PJ s had them on--the others wore whatever they had - waiting for their devotions. We asked everyone to find their beds. (Other times when visiting, they always wanted to know if everyone had a bed.) A couple of weeks prior I felt the tug of the Holy Spirit telling me to take all of the beds for the children 1-3 yrs.old and put them on the right side of the baby dorm, and the other side housed 4-6 yr olds. It had worked out well. The dorm was well arranged.

After seeing everything, he didn’t wait but said while walking outside, "There is no problem here!"
We passed the kitchen and dining area explaining about things on the way. When we arrived at the girls dorm, they were getting dressed for the service so we waited outside for a while. It was at that time he said, “We have 10 children for you and everyone ages 18 and over need to leave to make space for the new ones.”

I asked him, "What do you do if they do not have any family?"

"Oh," he said, "Everyone has aunts and uncles or someone!!!" (not true)

On our way to the boys dorm we passed the fish tanks. They gave us so many compliments, asking what kind of fish etc. When we arrived at the boys dorm, those there were also getting ready for service. He asked where everyone was and one of the boys answered that the majority of them had already gone to attend the service.
They told us they had just come from St Michel where the director of an orphanage had left without any notice leaving the children alone. While walking back I pointed towards the baby dorm. "Could that be a crèche?" I asked. (Before they had told us that we needed a creche - another nursery in addition to what we have.) Wiithout hesitating, he answered, "Yes." PTL!

The government visitors will return to sit down and talk with us. They will only give us 10 children, but that’s quite a few more mouths to feed, clothe etc. We serve a GREAT GOD and He is MORE THAN ABLE!
We hear teams are coming that want to paint. We need a new face lift. The beds need painting and new beds, mattresses and sheets will be needed.

When we had Christmas with the children, all the little ones came up and received their gifts--stuffed animals, which they loved, jump ropes, coloring books, crayons, cars and much more. Thank you for your part in making these children so happy.

For the older kids, it was our version of "spin the bottle" as they tried to see who would be next to draw a number and find the gift. It could be on the end of a string which led inside of a covered barrel. Sometimes they would find them hanging in different places all around the room. Dad always has a different twist to everything from the year before. And we passed out candy at different intervals. Afterwards he explained about the gifts not being the same as the year before because of the economy. He tried to explain that in the States some people have even lost their homes because they lacked work. He told them to be sure and pray for them (you in the States) because "that is how you are able to eat, attend school, etc."

The world is changing. Last week we were laughed at because of saying we had the Holy Spirit inside of us. Another time, we were laughed at when I said we needed a miracle. I was aghast, coming from supposedly Christian people! But the way the world is today, it really pays for us to be vigilant. 1 Peter 5:8.

May God Bless you in every way in 2012. May JESUS be always standing by your side, as He is with us.

Please remember to pray for E.G.O. as we continue to pray for you.
We covet your prayers.
Still standing in the Gap.
Don & Doris Peavey