Sunday, November 30, 2014

Double update! First from Don & Doris Peavey:

November 2014
Greetings, friends and loved ones!  Well, after eight months away, we are back in Haiti.  It’s good to be back home in our house that we have lived in for over 40 years.  We have been busy going through things any family would have—like a house cleaning—papers, pictures, clothes, old government papers, etc.  So many memories, some back when we first came and lived in the village in the small rented house.  When we remember some of the children, we could cry, and yet many happy memories, too.  Well it’s like a spring cleaning in October!
There are new babies….they seem to come in pairs…. We have quite a few sets of twins.  We don’t even know their names yet.  Some of the older children came to see us. We had good times together.  They said they came to see Mom & Dad.  Some are doing great, others are having hard times.
The night before we arrived, someone broke in our house and stole our TV. We really miss it because we use it for the children. But the kids came up anyway Friday night and we had Bible study and then some games and ended it with some treats we had brought with us.  Those who broke in knocked the front door apart.  It was an all-day job to put it back together again.  But it’s fixed and it works for us.
Ken got some fingerlings so we have fish in our fish tanks now.  Also our calf is getting close to 5 months old and the big bull is still here.  It’s time to butcher again. 
The school is doing well and Rachelle the administrator is doing a great work there. They have just finished exams.  Also the new steps look great.  Ken did a great job of finishing them before school started.  The Drowleys have been such a help and blessing!
Pastor John Pierre is our pastor in the Tabernacle that grew up here at the orphanage. They have a good worship time with lots of music. He is a great preacher and preaches under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  In Haiti, November 2nd is the day when they (non-believers) feed their dead.  Pastor John said he felt such a heavy demonic presence. He felt led of the Lord to call the youth up and when they came, he anointed them with oil and one after another they felt the power of the Holy Spirit on them. This morning after the service, we talked with some of our youth that had left EGO quite a while ago. When asked how they were doing, they said, “We are in it for real this time.”  It has been quite a struggle for them.  We just Praise God for answered prayer. Please remember our youth in your prayers.  Thanks.
We are still having a little rain, our lawn is still green. It won’t be long and we will have lots of mangos.  The rain is good for our garden.  We came with some seeds and they are all planted now.
We have a team in now from Michigan. They are putting in the foundation for a wood-shop.  Great people—we are enjoying them.  Their church has been here before.  They are a big help, giving supplies to God’s work.  We are thankful for all of God’s people that have sponsored us all these many years.  We know that God keeps the records.
With sincere thanks,
Don & Doris Peavey"

And from Ken & Marla Drowley:

It has come to my attention that the last newsletter was dated July 4, 2014;  I’m only three months behind.  I am so sorry to our faithful followers and readers of the monthly newsletter.  I will try my best to do better in the future.  What has happened you ask?  Well, it is never a dull moment at EGO.  We have had some work teams come and help with summer vacation by doing Bible school and playing with the children; we have had medical personnel, and helpers – all who came just so they could help participate in the loving work of taking care of 60+ children.
During the months of July, August and one week into September, the children 12 years old and older got a chance to reunite with their extended families for a two week vacation. This is a new ruling the social affairs (IBESR) has asked the orphanages to do to help the children keep in contact with their families. So we had two of the children go at a time and it seemed to be well accepted.
At the end of August we had the privilege of helping reunite an adopted boy from EGO with his Haitian family after 27 years.  It was both exciting to witness and a joy to hear the story of his birth, and adoption as we saw him getting acquainted with his birth family.  During this same time we received twin baby girls only 3.5 and 3.9 pounds each.  Not sure if they were premature or mother malnourished, as she died within 12 hours after birth.  Their names are Bedna and Bediele.  In addition, while we were away in October, twins (a boy - Tchaly and a girl - Tchalene) born in July were brought to the orphanage.
Also during the month of August, Dahicha fell ill again with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for several days.  Then on September 5th , a doctor visiting Haiti from California was able to place a g-tube in her stomach to help us feed her.  Marla had been working on getting a medical visa for almost a year, but to no avail.  Then after the surgery she received word not only from one doctor, but from two doctors in the US that were willing to help. Thank you to Dr. V & Barb and also Dr. Deb.  It was amazing to see how God opened the doors and allowed for the medical visa to come at just the time Dahicha needed it.  She was able to go to the states and receive testing that confirmed the aspirated pneumonia was from liquids and not from reflux; so no further surgeries were necessary.  Praise the Lord!  Ken and Marla learned a lot in two weeks about how to take care of a g-tube and also how to do physical therapy on Dahicha.  Ken and Marla laugh at how God called a contractor and a secretary to work at an orphanage instead of a nurse and doctor; but when you are willing to go where He calls, He provides.
In September, the 7th-12th grades started their classes and so new uniforms, books, school supplies and hair all had to be taken care of.  However, a trip to the beach to close out the summer vacation with a special lunch on the road at Bon Jean restaurant in St. Marc was in order.  Then the weeks flew by quickly and all the children were back in school on October 6th.  October 15th through November 2nd the Drowleys went to the US to take a small vacation and for Dahicha to get medical care.  Two days before they left, twin baby boys were brought to the gate; premature and needing lots of care.  A huge thank you to Elizabeth, Phillip, D.J. and Debbie for coming and helping out at EGO during our time away.
On October 16th Don & Doris were able to make a trip back to EGO to spend time with the children and workers.  Everyone was excited to see them again, as it has been several months since they were here last and it is good to see them in good health once again.  Don’s birthday was November 6th and we got a chance to help him celebrate this year.  For pictures of the birthday celebration like us on facebook – Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage.
Another team arrives today to begin the work on the new woodworking shop, to be completed in January by another team coming from Michigan.  There is lots of work in remodeling and new construction going on; so if you have not been to EGO in a couple of years you will be surprised by the changes.  The work that Don & Doris started over 42 years ago continues to expand and improve; thanks to all the generous supporters and volunteers.
Answers of prayer from last newsletter:
·         Talante had a baby girl on Saturday, November 1st weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces.
·         Funds were received to help close the school year out in the black – thank you to all who gave above and beyond.
Continue praying for:
·         Over 18 year olds as they transition into their new roles away from EGO.  Additional sponsorship to help pay for their housing, schooling, food, etc.
·         Three sets of twins arrived in two months, in addition to three more young girls.  Need sponsorship for all of them.
·         Ken and Marla as they continue to learn the language and have discernment with decisions on a daily basis.
·         Health and safety for all the children – rainy season has finally come and with it several runny noses and lots of coughs.
EGO cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support in prayer and finances. It is only because of your obedience to God’s will that we are able to reach out and help so many.
Serving where God has called us,
The Drowleys – Ken, Marla & Max

Editor’s Note:  For information on sponsoring children or answers to how you can help, please visit our website at

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 4, 2014

Summer vacation is upon us and report cards have been handed out. We have some pretty amazing children here at EGO. Marla had the chance to sit down with all of them and go over their report cards and talk with them about next year. (Of course, suckers were handed out to those who passed!)

Samantha is here on a summer internship and helping out at the clinic and with the teens. Saturday, July 5th starts the first day of their bakery. Samantha has been teaching the teens (12-17 year olds) how to handle money, what it takes to start a business, advertising, taking orders, selling, etc. She is doing an amazing job and it will be exciting to see which of the children grabs onto this opportunity for their future.

Max had an opportunity to travel to Florida and spend 15 days volunteering with Missionary Flights International. He loved his time there and was given the opportunity to fly a plane with one of the instructors from town. He had the privilege of staying with Larry Campbell and his wife and they said they would love to have him back again. Max is looking forward to it.

Ken has been busy in the shop working on various projects, one being a complete kitchen cabinet job for another orphanage in Pignon. He is grateful for the experience to teach the boys and girls.

Changes taking place around EGO:

  • Playscape divided into four sections – two sections taken to the school yard, one sectionmoved to the baby dorm, and the last section moved back under the trees for more shade.
  • Baby dorm bathroom progressing.
  • Kitchen cabinets made by the teen boys and Ken for another orphanage in Pignon.
  • Wisley turned 18 and moved out to the boys’ house in Port-au-Prince. (see photo of the amoire he made to take with him!)
  • New security guards for the summer.
  • Summer school for the ones who were unable to pass their class.
Prayer requests and needs:
  • Talante is pregnant again, but having a difficult time. We are looking for a nurse or doctor to volunteer for Aug-Dec of this year.
  • New budget for EGO due to ongoing cost increases and new government regulations, such as a recent one which nearly doubled the minimum wage for our workers. We are needing to increase the number of sponsors per child. If you know of anyone wanting to sponsor a child for $40 or $60 per month, please have them check out the website at
  • Needing to raise funds for the school to finish out the year in the black, approximately $8,000 US will help to finish paying the staff and bills.
  • Sponsorship for our over-18-year-olds. Continue to pray for foster families to rise up and take these teens in, while they continue their education.
  • Doris and Don are feeling better and were able to spend some time with friends.
  • Dahicha had adenoid surgery and is on the road to recovery.
  • Marla got a chance to travel back to Michigan for a family reunion.
  • Safety and protection during many hours driving on the roads back and forth throughout the country.

Continuing the work the Lord has called us to do, we thank you for your faithfulness and obedience in prayer and giving.
Drowleys – Ken, Marla, Samantha & Max

Editor’s Note—If you have any questions about our financial needs or projects, etc., please call our office at 616-550-3469, or email Gwen at Our website has many more pictures and information for donating electronically for your convenience. We appreciate you!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Springing into spring has brought some occasional rainfalls.  It is both refreshing and beautiful to hear in the evening.  Psalm 147:8 says “He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.”  This verse captures what we are seeing on a weekly basis now here at EGO.  It is so beautiful to see God’s handiwork.

Since our last newsletter much has taken place.  Don and Doris are once again in the states for medical reasons and we are praying God’s healing hand upon their lives.

We also want to wish Doris a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God richly bless you this coming year with health and happiness. I’m sure Doris would love to hear from you.  If you wish to send a card, mail it to the home office and it will be forwarded to her. (EGO, 1726 Gun Club Rd., Caro  MI  48723)

Through the month of March, work teams came and went but left behind a new electrical building, and many small projects completed from our list!  Thank you all so much!  Now April brings quiet once again to EGO.  The children had a two-week Spring Break and unfortunately not much took place except lots of playtime.  Marla spent her time in Port with a very sick baby, Dahicha. We thank the Lord that they have found her problem and we are now awaiting surgery for adenoids and possibly tonsils to be removed. 
We also gained another baby girl this week—Angela! She is two months old and will be needing sponsored.  See the website for details. 

The older children from 12 and up got the opportunity to create T-shirts by doing screen painting.  They love it and have asked to do it again without the instructor.  They are also currently learning how to create decorations cut out of recycled plastic.  They are all so very creative.  We are definitely seeing the blossoming of the ones who have talent in this area!
The second tri-mester of school has been completed and grades over all went up, which was very pleasing to those who have been helping tutor them.  We are seeking direction for next school year in how to handle our special education students.  Please pray with us about this.  It does not seem possible that school will be finished for the year in six short weeks.  It seems like only yesterday we were collecting pencils, pens, crayons, lined paper, black shoes, white socks, etc. for them to start school!

The project for the baby-dorm bathroom has begun. The footings were poured, underground plumbing installed, and cement slab poured in just one short week.  It is amazing how quickly many hands can make light work.  Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to hire some local Haitian men to help rather than wait for a team to come in. 

Work projects still on the list consist of painting, school staircase replacement, screen/window repair, and did I say painting?  Lots of painting to be done!  If you or your organization are looking for something to do for two weeks this summer, contact us about coming and working.  We would love to have you spend time with us.  Funds are being raised for these projects so now we just need some able bodies to help with the work.  Please feel free to contact our secretary for details 

On the ground at EGO and loving it!

The Drowleys
Ken, Marla & Max

Monday, March 3, 2014

It has already been two months since Christmas and wow is the year flying by. Many of you in North America are experiencing snow and cold, while we here at EGO are having a very cool, but warm dry season. January came with lots of wind to cool us down in the evenings and warm sunshine to charge the batteries during the day. 

Jennicka, newborn
On January 8th we had the honor of accepting little Jennicka into the EGO family after the death of her mother on the 7th. She was only one day old. By Sunday, January 12th, we had Dahicha in the hospital with pneumonia for the next four days. On January 17th we were happy to pick up the Coston family as they were coming to work at EGO while Ken, Marla and Max took a quick trip back to the states. Thank you to Nate, Tennille and their three girls for holding down the fort and taking care of so many emergencies during the two weeks we were gone.  Ken, Marla & Max left EGO on January 22nd to spend the night in Port-au-Prince before flying out early the next morning. They had safe travels and arrived home before midnight on January 23rd.  On Friday, January 24th, little Jennicka starting running a high fever and could not eat, she was having diarrhea as well and was becoming dehydrated. So she was hospitalized for the next seven days. On Sunday, January 26th, both Dahicha and Saraphina were taken to the hospital with breathing complications. Dahicha had the pneumonia and Saraphina was in congestive heart failure; and by Tuesday morning she had slipped into a coma. Sadly, Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. while being transported from Dessalines to St. Marc little Saraphina went to be with the Lord. Please continue to pray for the family and those here who took care of her for the 20 short weeks she lived at EGO.

On January 28th, Don & Doris were able to return to EGO after six months of rest and relaxation in the states. They were very excited to be back home and to get settled in. Many changes had taken place in their absence and there were many things for them to see and hear about.  The staff and children were thrilled to see them again.

February 4th brought Ken and Marla back from Michigan; Max had to stay behind to do some testing for state and college entrance exams, but will be returning in March. Another couple looking at volunteering in Haiti also came in on the 4th.  They got to spend 10 days loving on the children of EGO and helping with many work projects. Thanks Randy and Linda for your unfailing energy and love for EGO.  On February 7th, we had to say good-bye to the Coston family and want to say thanks again for your sacrifice and commitment to EGO. 

The rest of February brought Steve Scheib, Dave Soper, and Elizabeth McCormick, who worked unending on getting the septic tank and drain field finished for the boys’ bathroom. Also, many other miscellaneous plumbing and woodworking projects were completed with their assistance. In addition, Don& Doris were able to load up a bunch of their belongings and head to the mountain retreat in Pebo for some more relaxation.
Desks and benches for EGO's School

God has been moving in the hearts and lives of the children here at EGO. We are seeing a change in their attitudes and willingness to serve God. Please continue to pray for them as they grow in their relationships.

As always we are continuing to improve the website and facebook page, so make sure to stay tuned to either for updates and information regarding Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. If you have any questions or wish to make a trip to EGO this coming year, please feel free to contact Gwen Schmidt, EGO Secretary.

Serving the Lord in Haiti,
Ken, Marla, Don & Doris 

Editor's Note:  As you can tell, there are always projects ongoing and needs that welcome your participation, either in person or through prayer or financial backing.  Our contact information is: , or email, or 1726 Gun Club Rd, Caro MI 48723.  Blessings!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thanks to the work team of Steve Scheib, Dave Soper, Elizabeth McCormick, and Linda & Randy Kucinski, the septic field was dug and the tank was built for the boys bathroom! A new drain system was also built, and Ken is grateful for all the help finishing this difficult project.

the goat approves!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wrapping up 2013

Happy New Year 2014

It has been an amazing two months since we last wrote.  The children have gotten into the swing of being back in school, and EGO celebrated 21 years of education on December 13th. 
 Do you realize how many children have come through during that time? Continue to pray for the school as they work with many families who start the school year, but then are unable to pay the tuition necessary to keep their child(ren) in school.

During the month of November, one of our special needs babies, Saraphina, stopped breathing and had to be in the hospital for twelve days. Three days were in Dessalines and the rest were in a pediatric hospital in Port-au-Prince.  Thank you to those of you who stepped forward to help provide for her medical needs during that time. EGO now has a mini oxygen tank on hand for emergencies. Continue to pray for little Saraphina as she fights each day to stay alive. *We are still seeking a miracle that would allow her to get to the US for surgery to repair the hole in her heart.*

Also during November, we had a couple of wonderful teams here at EGO that worked tirelessly to help get some projects completed.  Many thanks to all who came and labored on the boys bathroom and front porch, through the heat. 

We have a new Facebook page called Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage. Please make sure to check us out and give us a “like”.  You may also continue to use our website as well for updates:
December came so quickly and in only a few short days toy trucks and treasure boxes were made for the children for Christmas.  A big thanks to the Merrill family who came and helped to paint and put together the push go-cart that the kids play with for hours every day! Christmas morning was beautiful with the sun shining and the children all bathed and dressed for opening presents.  We spent time reading about the birth of Christ and talking about how the gift God sent of His Son was the best gift of all.
In 2012, the Social Affairs Dept. in Haiti, called IBESR, started requiring orphanages to hold strictly to keeping 0-18 year old children. As of January 1, 2014, Ebenezer Glenn no longer has any child over the age of 18 that is not an employee. We are in the process of establishing a transition house in Port-au-Prince for future teens who need to leave EGO, but still need further education. The cost of this transition is $2,600 (US) per teen. Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to help in this area. If you are sponsoring one of these teens, your support will still continue to go toward their education and/or food allowance.

The year 2014 brings with it many challenges and changes for EGO. Our vision for continued improvements and training is moving forward. We have been blessed time and again when you listen to God’s call to either come and provide labor, or send support to keep EGO running on a day-to-day basis. The children are growing not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well, because of your generosity.  Thank you!

Serving where He has called,
The Drowleys (Ken, Marla & Max)

Editor’s Note:  Online donations may be made on our website.
Thank you for all you do! 
Gwen Schmidt, EGO Admin
616-550-3469 or  1726 Gun Club Rd., Caro MI 48723