Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend of Prayer & Fasting

This weekend, which has always been Mardi Gras or Carnival, a holiday given to satan, has been declared by President Preval, a weekend of prayer and fasting. Yesterday, word was sent that everyone should pray at home because the churches wouldn't be able to hold everyone. Early this morning Milo, the pastor at the community church here, came running over to get the key to storage to get all the extra chairs out. And, he needed to get the planks and blocks out of storage to make more benches for people to sit on. Now, the church is so full that people have to sit outside in the sun (which they never like to do as it's so hot there) but they said they didn't mind. You can hear the singing and praise from the church here in the house. The shouts sound like a soccer game. Oh you can't imagine the site!! People everywhere gathering to pray and praise the living God!!! God is moving! God is moving! Oh, miracle of miracles, God be praised. Never have we seen such response in Haiti!! I feel like Simeon when he held the Christ child at the temple. If the last 40 years we have served in Haiti, in hope to see this point of revival, the time is all worth it. Please pray with us that this nation will proclaim itself a Christian nation instead of a voodoo nation. God hears!!
God Bless You,
Don & Doris Peavey

the "container saga" continues...

In a recent post, a request for prayer was made regarding 2 containers sent to E.G.O. One is a 10'x20'container of food and one a 10'x40' container of supplies to fix fresh water wells. However, E.G.O. was told that in order to pick up the containers from customs, they must pay custom duties of $4-6,000 per container. We have received a couple updates since that time, the most recent being sent by Doris on the 11th. Here are those updates (with the most recent being last):
written by Vickie (Don & Doris's daughter) February 9th:
"Called Mom on her cell phone this evening and they were just coming off the main rd from Port-au-Prince. They spent the day in Port going from one place to another, the roads were blocked, houses about to fall so they'd have to take another rd, etc. only to be given a handwritten list of things to do and places to go to overide the duty. Steve has a call into Pres. Clinton and Terry Snow, with YWAM in St. Marc, is meeting with the U.N. in the a.m. The Haitian that is sharing the container with us got there today and he said that he has a franchise and connections. We'll see. Please pray. Mom said they were cyphoning gas out of tanks taken off the ship and just taking what they wanted. Someone just told them to put theirs back on, they would just take it back to the States. They want $$ under the table and know how to wear people down. Gwen is supposed to be trying to fax something they need from headquarters but last time I tried to do that the fax machine wasn't working. It had been smoking but the phone and copier still worked. Pray that they get the papers and win favor with God and man.
She went to FOHO for the first time, stood there and grieved for their friends. She sounds tired and frazzled. Please pray for strength, wisdom and clarity of mind during these times. Pray for safe delivery of everything in the containers.
Thank you for your prayers,
written by Doris, February 10th:
"Talked to the man from UN tonight. He said that I needed a paper from the customs, take to the mayor of St. Marc for signature then back to customs and we should be able to get the container out duty free. Let him know if we have more problems. Just to think that these guys from the UN were there introducing themselves to the custom agents at the same time we were there trying to get our things! God never ceases to amaze us. Rueben one of the triplets raised here and our Administrator, came in with a half load of food from Food for the Poor, Praise the Lord! He asked to see the papers to which I replied that they kept them there at customs. He scolded me that we should never leave out paperwork with anyone because anyone could get the container out with those papers. I don't doubt him but I'd like to hire the guy who could do just that! So, today we're off to St. Marc again to get the signature on the papers. There is a holiday coming this weekend which means that everything will be closed Fri., Mon and Tue. We probably won't get the container until Wed. but we're trying. Please continue to pray.
Doris Peavey"
written by Doris the evening of February 11th:
"Hello! Returned home a little earlier today. Had a long nap, that was nice.
Last night Ruben talked with the UN man, Mario, and explained more in detail what was going on. So this morning Ruben, Stuart and myself went directly to where the containers were parked but the person that inspected it hadn't arrived yet.
Someone called him for me ,he said that he was waiting for me at customs. We drove back and he was upstairs. He showed me what he had done, I thanked him. He didn't ask for any money. He showed me where I was to go next - I thanked him and told him I would return and then went to the Mayor's office and presented him with all the documents. He was very kind and explained we had to fill out another form. They would send them yet today to Port au Prince but because tomorrow, Friday, is a day of prayer and fasting (Haiti has replaced Mardi Gras with fasting and praying this year!) the papers wouldn’t be back until Monday. So, they said for us to come really early Tuesday morning and pick up the container... THAT’S SHOUTING MATERIAL! You know we haven’t got it yet BUT WE WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT. PRAISE GOD!!
Mario had told Ruben to keep him informed of how things were going and he said he would be in contact with the Mayor. I thanked him. It seemed so nice to have someone on your side helping you (with skin on)!!!!!
Now it's time to catch up with everything that has been put on hold this week.

Thanks again for all your PRAYERS,
Love you,
Mom (Doris Peavey)"

some photos to go with the stories...

here are some photos to coorespond with the stories we've shared from E.G.O.!

In the photos above you can see the UN workers that visited the orphanage following the earthquake, photos of the orphans previously living at E.G.O. and photos of some of the refugees that have been brought to E.G.O. In an earlier post there was a story of a refugee who had a broken femur. After having it set at the hospital, he came to EGO. When the extra doctors arrived at the hospital in Dessalines, they decided to do another x-ray. When Doris saw it, she said it just made her sick! The femur isn't broken, rather the bones in his lower leg are badly broken and are still one inch apart--he would never have been able to walk on it. So he is currently at the hospital in Gonaives and will have surgery to put the bones back together. There've been a lot of overworked doctors and mistakes made.