Saturday, June 18, 2011

More updates from Steve Schieb...

Unbelievable! When I saw this play structure project completed, I was overwhelmed. A team from a Texas church was at EGO recently, led by Jim Smith. What a blessing this playground is to the little children at EGO. Many times in the late afternoon shade, after school and chores are finished for the day, the children will descend on this maize of wood, ropes, slides, and ladders, to make believe they are? See the photos and give a hearty thanks to these brothers for their gift!

Steve Schieb spent the past 2 weeks at EGO doing more construction on the Jonathan school building. Thank you Steve for taking some great pictures!

The back of the school addition on Saturday morning - June 18th, 2011
We have supplies to yet be purchased. Windows, doors, paint, cement floors in school addition, locks, gates, sidewalks and more. All this must be done before school starts next October! Call Gwen Schmidt at 269-792-4271 or email Gwen at: