Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Progress on the school...

Another work team has arrived to work on the school! They arrived on July 15th and began work the 16th. Here is a note from the coordinator, "Work is progressing but due to a back up in welding time on the support re-bar and also on the cement block by our Haitian masons, we have fallen behind on our schedule. And we have been at the mercy of the rain, which comes each and every day sometimes as early as noon, but always when we have just begun to really crank it up. So, with that said, we are moving forward. Not at the pace we would expect in the USA, but this is Haiti and a far different place than our homeland. I think you will see much done in the photos and we ask for your prayers to blanket this effort and the moral of the team. We have labored as hard as possible."

Also, please be in prayer for the 3rd work team of the summer arriving August 2nd. Thank you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Turning of the Tide" - by Dr. Charles Stanley

If you've not heard Dr. Charles Stanley's message on Turning of the Tide, feel free to click on the link below and listen. God is telling us to take a stand.

"Friends, this world is not your home, so don't get cozy in it!... Live an exemplary life among the natives, so that your actions will refute their prejudices. Then they'll be won over to God's side and be there to join in the celebration when He arrives." 1 Peter 2:11-12 (The Message).

March on weary soldier, take heart! Be filled with God. Refresh yourself in His Living Water.


Monday, July 5, 2010

many talented hands at E.G.O.

The children and adults at E.G.O. have many talents. The following embroideries and carvings are just a couple of examples!

faces to go with the stories!

In this picture, Miralaine and Doris are standing in front of the cake Miralaine made for Doris and Don's 77th birthdays last year (2009)! She has quite exceptional talent at cake decorating, baking, sewing, embroidery... the list goes on! ***********************************************************************************
This is a picture of a very sleepy Alicia last summer (2009). She is the little one that Miralaine has cared for since birth.


This is a picture of Dennison, the child that Ruben and his wife are in the process of adopting. *************************************************************************************

This is Amos as an infant. He was the Peavey's second orphan and now works for the UN in Haiti.


This is a picture of some of the boys harvesting beets when Amos was a boy. He is the one on the far right!

June and July Happenings at E.G.O.

Hello All! Here is a recent letter from Doris:

Well, Miralaine had a beautiful wedding for a beautiful bride! It was a double wedding and a LOONNNG ONE! The brides walked down the aisle together. When the officiant asked, “who gives this bride?”, Don went over, took their hands and put them together saying, “Mom and I”. It was good.
We drove them home after the wedding, as we hadn’t seen their new apartment yet. It was on the other side of town, off the road towards the mountain. It’s cute and contains a nice bed and dresser, table and buffet etc.

One evening, one of our workers caring for the children, came up to the house stating “Youseline and Kasseline are really sick, they do not even respond”. (All of the little children had been vomiting and each had gotten better except the two. We had been giving them dehydration liquids and watching them closely for a couple of days.) Ruben was at the house, getting ready to take a cake over to Miralaine’s, so I asked him if he would take the children to the hospital on his way. Denise and Shirley went with him to stay with the children at the hospital. Before leaving we had to quickly collect sheets, clothes, water, etc. for them to take along. (Not like an American hospital, huh?) After arriving, they received IV's and fluids and by the next morning they were responding. The hospital does not provide basic necessities for the patients, so that next morning we cooked oatmeal and took it over to them. (On a sidenote: I am unsure who sent the oatmeal to us, but it was sitting in a box the living room. Praise the Lord, it was on time and delicious!) The next day, the children were discharged so we went to pick them up. Youseline cried when they removed her IV. When Kasseline's was removed she said, with her big eyes opened wide, “I didn't cry!” They are such little sweet hearts. Anyway, they are all up and playing now. Thank You, Jesus! When they were first becoming dehydrated, I had asked Talante if she could please give them IV’s because I just can’t do it anymore. However she was unable to as she has a new baby on the way and has been sick herself.

That morning when I went to pick up the girls at the hospital, I decided to take Alicia along with me for a surprise visit with Miralaine. She is 1½ years old and Miralaine had been taking care of her since birth. I have cried so many times since the wedding, watching little Alicia look around for Miralaine. She would toddle over to the gate of the Tabernacle, looking all around as she walked. (For the last week before the wedding, Miralaine had spent much of her time at the Tabernacle preparing.) When I arrived at Miralaine’s house she came out, her face beaming as she leaned over to kiss and thank me. She then unbuckled the seatbelt and just hugged and hugged little Alicia – how happy they were! She had previously asked if after they were married she could take Alicia home with her and then bring her back when she came to work. I surely couldn't say no!!!

Our house has been a little disorganized as of late! Following our brief rest in the states were all of the preparations for Miralaine’s wedding, as well as the unloading of the container (with some of its contents still sitting in our living room waiting for someone! Oh, did you know that the container had arrived safely? Again, thank You, Jesus!)

Designs for a new little house on the grounds are being drawn up and there is now furniture on our front porch waiting to occupy it after it is built! I have cleaned and covered them until they are ready to be used. We are also excited and waiting expectantly for the summer teams to complete the new school! We are hoping it will be ready for use this fall! The desks and chairs are ready and currently occupying space in the little 3 room school until the new school is ready!

Ruben (the E.G.O. director) and his new wife, Tchweebee, are in the process of adopting Dennison. Social Affairs are willing to do it for him because they know him. I thought that was nice of them.

Samuel, Rachel’s fiancĂ©, has been living with his family following the earthquake. He was recently in a motorcycle accident and walked away with bruises and contusions to his shoulder, face and hands, as well as some stitches to his head. The medical team at the government school took care of him. I didn't know anything about the accident until a few days later when he came to me to rebandage his injuries! Then the other day he came back to me with a sore throat that had gone into his ear. He had gone to Talante's house and she gave him some meds, but didn't give him anything for Malaria. I took care of him and Hilliare went to the clinic for some Chloriquine (to treat the Malaria). He's been staying here since then and is feeling better.
Amos came Saturday to explain the various costs of getting the van out of customs. He certainly did a great job of keeping track of everything. He had everything written down in Gourds, Haitian dollars and American dollars. Dan and I were both really impressed! He is very imformative and knows more than I ever dreamed about the Haitian government. What a guy! He still loves to talk, but told of so many experiences he has had with the heads of departments. He said, “if you would like to talk to Bill Clinton or… I can make it happen.” He was not boasting, just informing. He had been a journalist for some station when the UN asked him to come with them. It took him 3 years to answer and accept their offer as he didn’t want any work that was dishonest. He told us so many stories. One story took place at a time when he really needed some money. He met a man who worked for a wealthy company and the man offered to give Amos the money he needed. Amos told him he would only take a personal check from him. (He wouldn’t accept cash because of the possibility that it was gained by illegal/dishonest means.) The man replied, “For goodness sake, the cash is right here in my hand. Come and get it.” Amos turned around and walked out of the house. As he left, the house collapsed behind him. He told many other stories as well, I wish I could remember them all! However, in the time he was here with us he certainly gained my confidence, and Don’s too.
He then stayed the night and attended church with us the next day which was great! Milo had a good sermon after which one young lady went to the altar to give her life to Jesus. When everyone was about to leave, Milo came outside and he and Amos gave each other a big bear hug and talked. It was good. Amos is only a few months older than Milo.

Well, this is all for now. Of course it isn’t all that has happened at E.G.O. recently, but better than nothing, right?!

Love, Don & Doris Peavey