Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 2011 Newsletter
How blessed we are of the Lord to have had such wonderful faithful friends all these years supporting EGO with their prayers and finances. Thank you for being so kind and faithful.

To say the least, since our return in August, this place has been like a bee-hive.
Want to thank Chris & Beth Cooley’s team for all the much needed and appreciated help they gave EGO. Their Pastor, wife and son, in so many different ways, brought the word of God to our youth. Such enriching programs to suit our kids up with the armor of God to help them withstand the fiery attacks of the forces of wickedness. The construction crew helped Dad pour the foundations and start the temporary steps to the second floor of the school. Thanks everyone, you helped to make our load so much lighter!

Dad, with the help of the fellows here, finished the steps, put the doors and windows in along with the glass louvers. They cleaned up the yard and now are working on finishing the toilet. Dad is trying so hard to finish before the 10th of October which is when school begins here.

Then there is Rachelle. She has quite a challenging position at the school! This year she has an assistant helping with the enrollment, and measuring the amount of material for the new uniforms-- powder blue with checked blue and white tops for this year. She is responsible for collecting and depositing all the fees. She has ordered all of the books for the students, and one truck load has already arrived but they will not give the rest until she pays for all of them. May I put a prayer request in here? We have many Dessalines families who cannot pay tuition, if anyone can help by sponsorship!

Rachelle is also in charge of having the broken desks from last year repaired and put in the right rooms. Rosena has measured, cut out and sewn approx. 200 uniforms, sometimes working through the night.

Jacquelin, with some help, built tables with benches attached like picnic tables, all from scratch. They are now being painted. The little school by the Tabernacle wall had a new face lift and is near completion.

Then there is Pastor Steve, the Educator, who has ways of getting things done…and does not like to take "no" for an is what happened when he wanted to rename the school….we didn’t want to spoil it by using our name. Today, however, the school is now named, INSTITUTION MIXE PEAVEY (in English, The Peavey Institution). We are so happy that he is here at this time though. You all know Pastor Steve and his wife, Esther, are a Godsend. She is so very much involved in the school and also a wonderful help for Rachelle. Pastor Steve’s standards are very high, which we do so appreciate. He has spent much time searching for qualified teachers. He interviewed them several times before hiring them. He and Esther have done a marvelous job preparing everyone for the opening of the 2011 school year. Thank you! We pray God’s blessings on this new school.

Thinking this would be good time to also give honor to my husband, Donald Peavey, who has stayed with this project since the beginning. Sketching out all the plans and making the foundations more that adequate, adding extra strength with better mixture of cement ration and additional steel support. Once he thought of building three stories high but believed it should only be two for the sake of safety, in light of the recent earthquake in Haiti. I must say he has always gone beyond what has been expected and made everything additionally secure. Thank you honey, I love you and want the world to know I am very proud of you!

Still Standing in the Gap,
Don & Doris Peavey
We lost a well-loved man...the Father of Ruben, Rachelle and Ruth passed away Wednesday. He was gravely ill and Ruben took him to Dr. Dan at the hospital, but he didn't make it. So they left this morning for St. Michel, where he is from, with the body preceding them. Ruben and his wife left earlier as the body was to be taken directly to the cemetery. Later, benches were put in the back of a big truck. Ruth & Rachelle rode in the cab, we were thankful. Some of our children and friends from the Tabernacle went also. As the engine started they began to sing, and before they left, our young Pastor John lifted his arms and prayed. Ruth and Rachelle saw me standing in the window and waved. A site to be seen. Even though it was so very sad, our hearts rejoiced to see unity as the truck drove away. Yes, he was a Christian.

Yesterday we were remembering, shortly after the triplets came to EGO at 8 days old and only 4+ lbs. each, their father carried a goat all the way here from St. Michel on his shoulders. He had just lost his lovely wife in child birth. What love he had for his children, and that love never stopped.

With the all seeing eye of the Lord, be Blessed.
Don & Doris

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The team from Life Church in Michigan was at EGO in August...

pouring cement floors and building steps at the new school...

ministering to the teenagers through a Purity & Holiness program, fun games, and spending time together...

and teaching God's design for marriage according to the Bible...

and starting new relationships amongst Pastors...

and teaching God's Word, singing, and doing crafts with the children through VBS.

We loved playing with the children!

Thanks for letting us come to EGO, Don & Doris!