Sunday, October 24, 2010

A letter from Dr. Jerry...

Dr. Jerry is an American doctor who has spent many months in Haiti down through the years. He is currently serving the hospital in Dessalines and sent this letter regarding the cholera epidemic sweeping through Haiti.

Dear friends and family,
Sometimes you learn the most when you go through the most difficult times. That is the way it has been this week. Wednesday started like any ordinary day here. Little did I know how drastically things were soon to change. Crowds of people descended on the hospital carrying their family members who were terribly sick with severe and I mean severe diarrhea and vomiting. Some were in shock and unresponsive. Many had already died in the area where this epidemic started. Soon IV's were going everywhere ,all beds were filled, and we were running out of floor space. The people were terrified because this disease struck so quickly and severely and everyone was soon wearing masks even though that is not how the disease spreads. Several Haitian doctors thought it was cholera but Dan Snyder and I were doubters because cholera had never been found in Haiti. After a little exposure to this epidemic I quickly became a believer, and yesterday the government had completed tests confirming that it truly was cholera. I am sure reports are going out now to the states and you are hearing how many have died etc. The last three days has been a nightmare with everyone being exhausted. Care for the other patients without cholera has been limited and we sent many home because the nursing staff was unable to keep up with the demands. So far only one cholera patient that made it to us alive has died,but many were very close. The government is trying to get on top of this problem and delivered us a truckload of IV solutions. Seeing the terrific need for more nursing staff as well as doctors I sent out an e-mail plea this morning to Medical Teams International, a disaster relief organization based in Portland Ore. I haven't heard back yet.
As I finished work rather tired today God knew I needed encouragement and two wonderful things happened. I stopped by to see a little 6 year-old boy with a badly infected foot that Dr. Gary is going to possibly be operating on next week. When I had last seen him he wouldn't let me anywhere near his foot and was crying due to constant pain. I had secluded him away in the OB ward away from all the cholera and hubbub knowing it was safer and he would get better care there. When I came in the room he started giggling and wouldn't stop. He is pain free and is obviously quite happy about it. What a joy to see this dramatic response to treatment. Shortly after this I was greeted by a group of mostly caucasians from Samaritans Purse headed by a Dr Kara Gibson who was like an angel
God had sent. They were there to offer us assistance including nursing staff, a stack of cots for people sleeping on the floor, staff trained in offering education to patients and family about cholera and how to prevent it spreading. They also offered us a whole lot of help in other ways. So I would like to conclude by saying God is good and is always there to lift us up and help us when we need it most.
In Him,

Friday, October 22, 2010


Update from Doris Peavey, October 22, 2010 -

Many have been calling and asking, so we thought we might let everyone know how things are in Dessalines.
First, we are very sorry because we have not been on lately but will try to do
better. We have had quite a few teams this fall and a lot going on. However, God
has been good. Praise the Lord.
In Dessalines around us, we have not heard of any outbreaks but the hospital is
full with cholera patients and Dr. Jerry, who has only been here a little over
a week, really has his hands full. Last night they lost two. The nurses have
been busy night and day not even having time to eat. They asked Ruben if he would
bring back something for them. We got together and made some Cream of Wheat that
was on hand. The hospital called Ruben and asked if we had anything, we could
help out with in the situation. Left over from the container sent earlier this year, we had hand
sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, along with some depends. (What else could they have used
that was any better for the circumstances?) God always comes through at the
right time.
You might ask what we are doing here at EGO to protect us. All the children were given
a bottle of hand sanitizer to put in their book bags along with some
Yesterday the Holy Spirit reminded us of the big AIDS scare a few years ago when we gathered under the tree and prayed that God would
vaccinate everyone. In living a holy life for Jesus he would take care of us.
That proved to be true.
We sent word to Milo as to what the Lord had placed on our hearts. At the end of
the church service last night, we spoke to them. Our council to them was after
returning home from school, market etc. be sure and wash their hands well with
soap. Reminded them of some years ago what we did and believed that God would do
the same now when this disease was running rampant in our area. Believing God
was calling us to a life of holiness and if we were faithful to Him, He would be
faithful to us, etc. They all came and knelt down at the altar as Milo sang and
Dad anointed them with oil we prayed that God would vaccinate them with the Holy
Spirit against this cholera that was spreading so fast. What an experience we
had with the Lord as we felt waves and waves of the Holy Spirit all over us.
Then went to the baby dorm and laid hands on them. We were so grateful to God
that we had obeyed the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your prayers.
Don & Doris Peavey