Friday, May 9, 2014

Springing into spring has brought some occasional rainfalls.  It is both refreshing and beautiful to hear in the evening.  Psalm 147:8 says “He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.”  This verse captures what we are seeing on a weekly basis now here at EGO.  It is so beautiful to see God’s handiwork.

Since our last newsletter much has taken place.  Don and Doris are once again in the states for medical reasons and we are praying God’s healing hand upon their lives.

We also want to wish Doris a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God richly bless you this coming year with health and happiness. I’m sure Doris would love to hear from you.  If you wish to send a card, mail it to the home office and it will be forwarded to her. (EGO, 1726 Gun Club Rd., Caro  MI  48723)

Through the month of March, work teams came and went but left behind a new electrical building, and many small projects completed from our list!  Thank you all so much!  Now April brings quiet once again to EGO.  The children had a two-week Spring Break and unfortunately not much took place except lots of playtime.  Marla spent her time in Port with a very sick baby, Dahicha. We thank the Lord that they have found her problem and we are now awaiting surgery for adenoids and possibly tonsils to be removed. 
We also gained another baby girl this week—Angela! She is two months old and will be needing sponsored.  See the website for details. 

The older children from 12 and up got the opportunity to create T-shirts by doing screen painting.  They love it and have asked to do it again without the instructor.  They are also currently learning how to create decorations cut out of recycled plastic.  They are all so very creative.  We are definitely seeing the blossoming of the ones who have talent in this area!
The second tri-mester of school has been completed and grades over all went up, which was very pleasing to those who have been helping tutor them.  We are seeking direction for next school year in how to handle our special education students.  Please pray with us about this.  It does not seem possible that school will be finished for the year in six short weeks.  It seems like only yesterday we were collecting pencils, pens, crayons, lined paper, black shoes, white socks, etc. for them to start school!

The project for the baby-dorm bathroom has begun. The footings were poured, underground plumbing installed, and cement slab poured in just one short week.  It is amazing how quickly many hands can make light work.  Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to hire some local Haitian men to help rather than wait for a team to come in. 

Work projects still on the list consist of painting, school staircase replacement, screen/window repair, and did I say painting?  Lots of painting to be done!  If you or your organization are looking for something to do for two weeks this summer, contact us about coming and working.  We would love to have you spend time with us.  Funds are being raised for these projects so now we just need some able bodies to help with the work.  Please feel free to contact our secretary for details 

On the ground at EGO and loving it!

The Drowleys
Ken, Marla & Max